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I spoke to the Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers club on Tuesday night of this week, We had a good crown of great folks, I’m guessing the average age was 70. A big discussion came up about what is happening to photography today. When I got home I found this video on Youtube, take a few minutes t watch out and then let’s talk about this!

  1. Popularity and quality of smart phone cameras has killed point and shoot camera sales and affected serious cameras sales as well

Let’s review his main points:

2. Because cameras have gotten so advanced there is less reason to upgrade, it is a series of vanishing returns.

3. Declining interest in photography.

4. Increased number of camera users vs photographers.

5. Social media has replaced print, publications are dying.

6. Photography has moved away from art and story telling to
all about me, me, me, my daily life, where I go, what I eat, my friends and pets.

7. Photography has become stagnant. While all other forms of art change from decade to decade, photography has essentially remained the same, same subjects, same techniques.

8. (my thought) Why not change Candid street photography, to, Relational photography, meet people, find out about them and then with their permission, photograph them! Develop personal relationships with your subjects???!!!

Can our smartphone / snapshots world be returned to a craft?
Yes, but it’s up to us!

Get out there and shoot, practice, practice, practice apply ; Shutter Therapy

Encourage young people to join in on our fun!!!!!!


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O.K. so you’ve been reading about all this mirror-less stuff and you are considering buyng a Fujifilm camera, but which one? Since I’ve owned or used almost all the options let me chime in with “my” ideas. Only my ideas, by-the-way! Fujifilm makes a bewildering large variety of very fine options so lets get to it!

Let’s start with budget. If you are working with less funds than you would like, never fear, there are some perfect options for you! The X-E3 with a lens, the X100F and the XT-30 with a lens are all very reasonably priced and all extremely capable cameras! If you need a light, easy to use travel camera and don’t need or want to carry extra lenses, the X100F is a very fine choice. The fixed 23mm f 2 lens (a 35mm equivalent). The lens is tack sharp and that is a perfect focal length for general photography. The camera is a classic rangefinder style camera. If you think you would like to be able to change lenses then the X-E3 is a compact exceptional camera that when paired with the 16mm f 2.8, 23mm f 2, 35mm f 2 or the 50mm f 2 makes a fantastic travel camera. If you ha ve been using a DSLR htne the X-T30 is more like the camera you have been using and it highly capable, in fact it has the same sensor and processor as the top of the line X-T3.

Let’s say you have a little more budget and you might also want ot buy a few lenses. Last year’s Camera of the Year award winner the X-T3 is a great still and video camera fully capable doing any kind of work and it’s very reasonably priced. Quiet honestly, I own this camera and use it all the time for any number of serious professional assaignments. In a word, it is a perfect choice!

However if you shoot almost all your images hand held you need to give serious consideration to the X-H1 which has 5 Axis Image Stabilization assuring sharp images even when hand holding your camera. The X-H1 is one of the finest and most beautifully engineered instruments among all these bodies! It is my current go to body and I use it all the time!

I said it is my “current” go to body, that is becasue I have yet to actually try the new X-PRO 3. I am sure it is going to be something that I have a great deal of pleasure using. I have the X-PRO 2 and it does in fact bring me a great deal of joy in the shooting process, a rangefinder is not for everyone, but for those that can work with it, it opens up extraordinary doors for the right shooter.

So I hope this offers even a little insight. I must say you can’t go wrong with any camera listed here!


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I was watching a TED talk with David Alan Harvey and it reminded me of just how much photography has enriched my  life!  For those that may not know, David is one of the greatest of all the National Geographic photographers, a true master photographer and he happens to now be a Fujifilm shooter.  For 43 yars of my photography life I shot Nikon and even worked for Nikon as a NPS, (Nikon Professional Services), tech rep from 2002 to 2013.  After rotator cuff surgery I had a long and difficult recovery and was simply was not able to carry around full frame DSLRs and their associated lenses for a while.  During my recover time, I picked up a Fujifilm X10, and I still have it, it was my gateway drug to the wonderful Fujifilm family of cameras. A very interesting thing happened, the sheer simplicity of that little rangefinder styled camera led to some of the best work I had done in years.  The simplification of the process led to a more pure approach to making images again.


Fast forward seven years and I am now a fully committed Fujifilm shooter, and X-Photographer.  I still love my Nikon freinds, and have great respect for their cameras and lenses, I’ve simply found a new home for my work, and the way I approach the craft of photography.  I’ve also found a group of dedicated professionals that are making my work so much more rewarding.  Justin Stailey, Senior Manager for Product Developement and Stacey Moore, Field Marketing Manager have both become dear friends and had helped my work in so many ways.  The Fujifilm Director of Marketing, Victor Ha is bringing a wonderful new insight to the Marketing and relationship efforts of Fujifilm.  His influence is driven by his dedication to and love of photography and all of us that shoot the Fujifilm family of products are the benfactors of his leadership.


Fujifilm’s latest camera body is a prime eample fo how the company is developing products that are extremely photo-centric!  The new X-PRO 3.




It’s design is developed around the pure shooter concept of simplicity and functionality!  I hope to be doing a full revicew in early December!



As a photo generalist I do a great variety of work and the Fujifilm System of cameras and lenses has opened up new worlds of opportunity for my passion!  Their color science, incredible engineering, and superier optics have made my life as a shooter so much easier and more productive!











I hve enjoyed the ride so much and with this kind of support, I’m looking forward to each new chapter of the journey!




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This is a personal story, but, since so many of you suffered along with our family at the loss of Wes, I wanted to share this with you in hopes it will also give you peace as well. This past weekend our family gatherd at a beautuful lake house in North Carolina to be with Rhonda as she scattered Wesley’s ashes in two of his favorite places to hike and camp.  Wes had discussed with Rhonda that, just in case, he didn’t survive his cancer that he wanted his ashes scatterd in a number of places so she, Elijah and Abigail might experience these places he loved so much. It was a time of healing, and family warmth as we continued to deal with our loss,  but also the great memories of a beloved loved one.  So many of you walked through this journey with us, and I wanted you to know your prayers are being answered.




It was a wonderful moment knowing Wes was coming home to two of his favorite and beautiful spots.  What was even more joyful is to know these are simply the ashes of his body, that Wes is with his Heaveny Father in Paradise, and we will embrace again someday and never have to say goodbye again!  Until then, Wes, we miss and love you and are glad  your earthly pain is over, and that your eternal joy is just beginning!


John 14 New Living Translation (NLT)

Jesus, the Way to the Father

14 “Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me.  There is more than enough room in my Father’s home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you?  When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.  And you know the way to where I am going.”


The way is to accept Jesus as your Savior and to prepare to be with Him for all of eternity!




the pilgrim