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I drove around the island yesterday and finally found the kind of boat I had hoped to work!  So I started, as I always do, with the overall shot, which in the case was awful, harsh light, too many uncontrolable highlights, it just bites it!  That’s o.k. because it was the details I was interested in, and they were rich with features and color!!  Before I share the images please allow me to teach a little, but first let me apologize!!  I know that many of my readers are exceptional photographers in their own right!  I also know that some of what I share, in a teaching vane, is something you already know, so I’m not talking sown to you guys and gals, but I am trying to help those readers that are still further back down the learning trail!


So back to the teaching.  If you want to make your body of work more interesting, after capturing the overall image, go in and look for the interesting details, the parts of the scene that may get lost in the over all scene.  This is where some of the most interesting parts of the subject reside.   My method is to choose a moderate telephoto zoom, for the Fuji I use the 55-200 which with the 1.5 crop factor of the X System’s APS-C sensor,  makes it an approx.  80-300. A zoom can allow you to find the position you need for perspective, and then use the zoom to crop the scene to the part you want to show.


Here are some of the boat details;





Since this is the U. S. Virgin Islands, I guess he 1940’s boat is Americana!  This little shoot made me excited about a return to Old Car City!




the pilgrim


Tomorrow; more color and design from Frederiksted, on the west coast of St. Croix.


Photo Notes:  All images with the Fuji X-T1 and the 55-200, and most hand held.  Most ISO 800 and 1600.

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  1. Doug Berg says:

    Bill, At first I thought your subject for the day was was dental related until I got deeper into the text of your message. But then it made me think. Some times it is like “pulling teeth” to remember to explore all the details of a subject before moving on. I am sure that I have left many good shots by the roadside because I didn’t take the time too extract the details from the subject. This was a good reminder to take second looks before moving on.
    Also enjoyed your last few blogs. The photos reminded me to be more aware of color and design when I am walking around. Will also try raising the ISO and explore taking more hand held shots when I am out with my camera.
    Doug Berg

    • admin says:

      Thanks Doug, that was my intent, I want all of us to slow down and take in all the great possibilities with every shooting opportunity!

  2. Fred Thurman says:

    Wonderful pictures, I just love old wood on boats. When it comes to sharing what the years have taught you, we can all benefit, whether it is new information to us or just a reminder. After you are comfortable with the new X-T1 there are many of us who either have an X-T1 or will be getting one soon who would appreciate you sharing what you have learned, both about using and the initial setup. Thanks for sharing both your time and your faith.

    • the pilgrim says:

      Fred, I intend to make suggestions in another week or two on my personal menu settings and why I’m choosing them! Not to suggest it will be the bible on the subject, but since this a new product and I’ve been using the same family of products for well over a year, I think I have figured a few things out to my satisfaction!!! I have a number of things to share!! Thanks for bringing it up!!

  3. Tom Roper says:

    I’m really enjoying your photos from the XT-1. I received mine yesterday and it’s everything I’d hoped for in the form factor, small, light, feels solid. I loved looking at the jpgs I got right out the camera, great stuff and the auto DR is pretty amazing.
    Coming from a Canon background, I’m learning where all my controls are and the ‘new’ terminology for this camera, like CH, CL, etc. I’m looking forward to how you set up your XT-1. I know what I want the camera to do, just need to figure out how to customize some of the buttons! Back to reading the manual.

  4. Hey Bill. When I saw this post I had to do a tribute post

    See, I did learn something.

    • the pilgrim says:

      I’m headed to your site now!

      • the pilgrim says:

        I tried to comment on your site but couldn’t get in?. Anyway great stuff, really knocked my socks off! Look forward to seeing you soon, think I will slip down to Rogersvile next week and check it out! Thanks again for the kind words, but your work is so good I think the lines are blurred on who the teacher is!!!!

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