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Still in home quarantine and thinking about what I’m missing not being out there in the field. I may be slow to come to the most important facts of life, but this week I’ve started to get it more and more. My Long days loving on Chester and waiting on Sherelene to get home from the clinic and I’m realizing my most prized treasures are right here! I miss being out there shooting nd fellowshipping with Jack, Jim and our attendees, but honestly I’m learning a lot from a crazy 16 month old Golden and a beautiful wife! Chester lays in his bed facing the walkway down to our kitchen door, where he faithfully waits to see Sherelene appear each afternoon. When her car pulls in the driveway he jumps up and claws at the glass door in sheer excitement that she has returned. I’m happy too, but I don’t claw the glass!

I’ve learned from Chester that a little exercise, something to break the boredom and long naps are a great cure for what ails you! We spend some good quality time just talking, he doesn’t say much back but his exprssions say it all, I know he understands some of what I’m conveying, at least he responds like he does. I am more and more thinking about what I have to be thankful for, and not so much thinking about what I’m missing. Sooner or later, things will return to normal and we will go on about our lives as we did before the virus, but I think I will do more of what I’m doing right now, I rather like the simplicity of this new life style, heaven knows I might actually be closer to full retirement than I thought.

I pray that you are blessed, well and finding those things that you hold most dear to be more dear than ever before…..


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I’ve been sitting home, self-quarantied, like many of you, and wondering how i can bring some encouragment to the situation. This morning, via the internet, my Pastor brought me the answer, a wonderful sermon on God is In Control.

Thls is the link, it is the full service and I believe you will be blessed and encouraged if you watch it, hope you do!!


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The Badlands Tour which incloudes; The Black Hills , Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore and Spearfish Canyon State Park.

September 29th thru October 4th

Three days in the Badlands National Park, and two days exploring Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, and Spearfish Canyon State Park;. Cost of the Tour $950.
Led by Bill Fortney & Jim Haverstock

Join us for th is great adventure in South Dakota, for full details and to register contact me at: or call (606)-528-6119


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This is not a review, just some thoughts on where the new Fujifilm X-T4 fits into the Fujifilm X Series Eco System! I have not seen the camera, but like you, have watched a lot of first look videos on Youtube. I’m an X-Photographer and got a X-Pro3 and an X100V before they were released, but production cameras of each. I love them both and think they did a bang up job with new and improved models of each series. I did not get a pre-production X-T4 and I’m actually glad I didn’t! Back some years ago Jack Graham and I each got a pre-production X-T1s. They were so far from complete that we literally had to turn the camera off and back on again before each shot to clear the memory in the computer!!!! This is often the case with pre-production cameras, they are “pre-production” which means much of the firmware is still to be worked out.

Obviously the ones I’ve seen tested on Youtube are far better than that so I trust much of what we are learning is true! You come here, I think, because you know I will shoot you straight and try to give you good information. I would suggest you go to Youtube to watch the Fuji Guys video, the DP Review First Imprtessions, Lee Zavitz, Gordon lang, and the Camera StoreTV video. They cover the details well. Of course Fuji Rumors has every single spec you can download and copy.

I won’t go through every detail and change from the X-T3 here, what I will do is answer the question I know I’m going to get 500 times before the end of this month; “Should I sell my X-T3 and upgrade to the new X-T4?” As John Shaw always said, “It all depends!”

Let me make that depends case for you. First you need to answer a few key questiions;

1. Do you shoot very much hand held, or do you mostly shoot from a tripod.

2. Do you shoot sports or wildlife or possibly birds in flight?

3. Are you a video person, and do you shoot a lot of video and are you a Vlogger?

4. Do you do any kind of work that requires more shots from your battery before having to change them?

If you said; I shoot a lot handheld, I’m a sports/wildlife shooter, I am a vlogger and do lots of video and I need much more shots per battery than I am getting now! Pre-Order yours today, I mean right this minute!!!!! This camera was made for you!!!!

However if you said I mostly shoot from tripod, don’t do action stuff, rarely shoot video, and have lots of batteries and don’t mind changing them, then you will remain very happy with your X-T3!! If you have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), just go ahead and order one now,
nothing to be ashamed of, lots of us have this condition!

It appears that Fujifilm has brought out yet another wonderful camera that on the margins and in some significant ways is a great upgrade from the already fantastic X-T3!

I plan to get one as soon as they are available, but then I love IBIS, and have bad GAS pains!


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