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Sorry I’ve been off line for so long!!!!  I was on the road much of the period from October 1st until this past Sunday!  First, an event in Houston for Fujifilm, then the UP of Michigan with Jack and Rick Browne, on to Acadia National Park (all without going back home), then a short stint in Corbin to make sure I was still married and then on to the Smokies with Jack and once again at the Summit (this years was one of the best ever!!!).  I am now home of rah winter planning next years schedule which I hope to release in the next 10 days!!!  Stay tuned!


I thought you might enjoy seeing some the take from the fall events!


UP of Michigan



Acadia National Park:



The Great Smokey Mountains National Park   (Due to a dry summer color was not the best this year, but we had a great time with great people!)



So it was a great fall, please stay with me over the next week as I announce my 2020 schedule of events, lots of new locations!!!!!




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