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I was reading Scott Kelby’s blog a few days ago and found a wonderful article by Chris Orwig. Chris is a professor of photography at Brooks Institute, one of the most prestigous photography schools in America. His article was on Authentic Portraits and it really struck a cord with me.

I don’t know how you are, but I need cosntant challenges, new things to study and attempt to master. I love people, my family, freinds and perfect strangers I meet in the couse of just living! I’ve alwasy wanted to be able to captutre them in truly authentic ways, this article and the purchase of his wonderful book Authentic Portraits has lit a fire under me.

As a photographer I want to always learn more and get better at the craft and this is an area I really want to work on. As a Christian, I want to share God’s love and be a blessing to others for his glory. I’ve mad some portraits that I think really reveal the person, but I want ot get a lot better at connecting with people, being more authentic myself and find the authenticity in others, and hopefuly capture it!

I’m sharing this because I may approach you someday and ask you to let me try to make an authentic portrait of you!!! I will with my family and, well you’re my friends!

Here are a few of my favorite efforts over the years, I hope, I can add your portrait to this collection.

Catherine and B.J.

Catherine in Ballet performance.

Catherine on a outing with dad.

David Middleton

Unknown fiddle player in Smokies.

Mike Ellison

Bill Pekala

Wes and Abigail

Scott and Wes their last photograph together.

Len Jr and his father Len Rue III

Scott and Ben.

The late great Hugh Morton and friend.

Legendary nature photographer John Shaw

Catherine and B.J. again.

Jack in the field at Five Guys!

Sherelene and my 50th anniversary shot (self portrait)

Well, I’m going to work on doing a lot more, you may be next!


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