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Like the rest of America I’ve been confined, mostly to my house, since March. In any past year I would have run at least five workshops and driven or flown 30,000 miles by now……. it’s getting boring to say the least!  Luckly for me, I have a great group joining me in the Badlands for a tour of that section of South Dakota in late September, early October. Jim Haverstock and I are really excited to have this group coming to share South Dakota and be with us!  The Badlands are a magical place and we will also get to sepnd time in The National Grasslands, Custer State Park, the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore and Spearfish Canyon!  i am really looking forward to getting back in the field with great friends and such cool landscapes to try and capture!


By-the-way, I do have one spot left in the tour, if you’re interested!




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