The Summit – Day One

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Rain, clouds, wonderful color, full streams, and over 200 enthusiastic photographers made for an exciting first day at the Great Smoky Mountains Nature Photography Summit!  The full program schedule gets under way today after an early morning in the field with some of our great instructor team!  Here were a few off my favorites from the first day.




As always some of the most fun things to photograph were on the first floor!!!




So we will keep busy, and i will keep you updated!




the pilgrim

7 Responses

  1. Gary Stiles says:

    I was in the Smoky Mtns over Columbus Day weekend, unfortunately we didn’t have color like your photos.
    If anyone is looking for good coffee in Townsend, check out the Artistic Bean (next to Ace Hardware)…it’s a “Top Shelf” coffee shop!!

    I hope the summit is a huge success!!!

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    Thanks Gary, I will pass it on! It’s off to a good start!

  3. Jerry Esh says:

    Wish I was there. Looks like you all will be having a great week!

  4. Jim Erickson says:

    Looks like you hit the peak! I was near Robbinsville, NC yesterday and it was stunning also. Going to hike Alum Cave Trail on Friday. Keep them coming.
    Jim Erickson.

  5. Mike Kline says:

    We were in the Smokies the 17th through the 20th and the colors were just starting to show. Looks like you are having a great time and your timing is spot on! Hope the summit was a great success and I am planning on attending next year.