A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes!

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When Wilson Reynolds asked me to help him make his dream come true, I thought it was doable, but a very,, very tall order.  Over the months of work,  many times I wished I had said, I was just too busy!  That would have been a mistake.  I’m so glad I stuck it out.  Not for me, but for Wilson.  A lot of  people contributed to the success, so I’m not taking credit, but I did make everyone hold their feet to the fire. April Love worked tirelessly and if any one person deserves credit it would be her.  For the time of the week, Jim and Sue Haverstock worked continuously to see everyone was served!  Add them to the MVP list too!!!


Our team was simply marvelous, so giving, so available, they lived up to their sterling reputations!!!  What a group of CLASS ACTS!


After I got home and started to relax I could hear the familiar strings of Disney’s “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”   The more I heard those familiar words in my mind, I knew that one of the most satisfying things in life is being even a small part of seeing someone else’s dreams come to fruition.


To all of those that worked so hard, find that song by Linda Rondstadt and just turn the lights off, listen, and relive the week, and it’s magic!   Just like Wilson Reynold’s Dream!!!!!




the pilgrim

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  1. Jim in Bloomington says:

    Your gift is to be the agent, the messenger for His Word and His wishes. His Light is so perfectly named. There would not have been a summit without you.

  2. Janice in Mt Juliet says:

    I learned so much and can’t wait until next year…everyone was so helpful and informative. God blessed us with a beautiful Saturday morning sunrise and may He be glorified in each shot!