What does the X-PRO 2 mean for Fuji addicts!?

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Let me be clear, as I said yesterday, I have not seen an X-PRO 2, an d I have not held one, or shot with one!  I am very excited that I will be getting one of the very first, actual production cameras, but I want to talk about what I think this new camera means to all of us Fuji-holics!  I have read everything I have seen on the web, and it is a large volume of information,  some articles and reviews I’ve read are from people I know and trust implicitly!  So for now, I am going to assume that much of what I’ve read, from trusted sources, is true and accurate, and I have no reason to doubt these folks!


So I think the importance in the release of the X-PRO 2 is it further cements the belief that Fuji is truly committed to elevating their X-System with products of ever increasing quality and functionality!  Let’s start with the sensor and processor.  We now have the first jump in resolution in a Fuji X camera and the added 8 megapixels will definitely make a difference.  My fear all along was what would this do to two factors, noise, and the lens performance of the sterling Fuji glass.  More resolution always puts more demands of glass.  I love the exceedingly high level of sharpness of the current lenses, I wanted so badly to believe that adding 30% more resolution would not tax them too much.  My trusted sources say the lenses are more than up to the tack and look even sharper with this new 24.3 mega pixel X-Trans sensor!  So what about noise, it is being reported by almost everyone that uses the camera that the new sensors has gained at least one additional stop of low noise at hight speed, translation 6400 now looks like what we were getting from 3200!  Great news indeed.  The new X-Pro processor is said to be 4 times faster, making every function much smoother and of course faster!




The controls on the new X-PRO 2 are said to be more positive in their function, better arranged and easier to use, making what was already a photographer’s camera better than ever!  The ISO dial being resident within the shutter speed knob, and the + or – 5 stop range ignite exposure compensation are both very welcome.  Early reports seem to indicate that we are getting + or – 2 full stops of bracketing, not enough in my opinion, but much better than only one stop.  I can only hope the X-T2 will give us 5 to seven full stops of bracketing.




The X70 looks like a wonderful new addition to the line and more importantly the 100-400 is a dream come true for photographers that needed the coverage of those focal lengths. The recently released 35mm f 2 and the 1.4 teleconverter have both been fantastic products!


Most important of all, I think it is safe to assume that future cameras like the next XT-2? and XE-3? will inherit this incredible sensor and processor, and other key features,  something to be very excited about!   So in closing, I can’t wait to shoot it, own it and continue this incredible X-System journey! If it is delivered on time, I will be shooting with it,  going down Route 66 and on to Arches, I will keep you posted!
Thanks Fuji,  you’ve done it again!
Here is the link to Ricos’s wonderful article!
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  1. Mike E says:

    this is quite a start to the year for Fuji…..

  2. Tim L says:

    I will admit that I was in the camp which worried that Fuji might not be able to keep up with the technological advancements in camera electronics. If early reports prove accurate, the X-Pro2 seems to suggest that this is not an issue. Equally important, Fuji seems to have refined the construction and functionality of the new X-Pro2 to a degree that is missing in my X-T1. It leaves me really excited for the introduction of the X-T2. 2016 is looking to be a real budget buster!

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  4. Jim Erickson says:

    So what is one supposed to do? If you have a $2000 budget for this year, do you buy the X-Pro 2 with a 35mm F2 lens, or the 100-400 zoom? For the last several years, everyone has said 16 meg is more than enough. Now the reviews are saying that 24megs make a marked improvement. If Fuji ever goes full frame I expect the reviews to say, “Wow, full frame really does make a difference!”
    I’m torn because I have invested heavily into this system, and don’t want to find out down the road that there was a better way all along. I really am feeling at a crossroads. I don’t think I’m alone but maybe I am. Just trying to be honest.
    Jim Erickson

    • admin says:

      I’d get the 100-400 and pray I’m flush in my camera fund by the time the XT-? comes, probably summer!

  5. Carl says:

    I agree with Jim (above) – my only negative to the Pro-2 that I see is the negative reports of the viewfinder at longer ranges – very small in the VF – the 12/23/35 don’t seem to be a problem – the 56/90 is (see Rico review). Also with the $2000 budget do we wait for the T2 this summer – 6 months wait – but it seems to be more like a DSLR and therefore more versatile IMHO. It should have most, if not all, of the improvements of the Pro-2.

    • admin says:

      I have to think the next XT camera will incorporate the best of the improvements in the X-PRO 2 and it may be slightly more affordable.

  6. jim says:

    I still cannot fathom why Fuji does not have a 23/2 lens on their roadmap. Protecting sales of the X100 is like Apple not producing an iPad for fear of hurting laptop sales. My main camera is a Leica M series body, but the ability put put my Leica/VC glass on this body makes it compelling and a backup/2nd body.

    • admin says:

      I believe there will be a 23 f 2, I think the president of Fuji said as much. that one of their next goals is to make some of the core lenses more compact like they did with the 35 f 2. I think Fuji is just getting warmed up, I think a lot more is coming that we don’t know about yet!

    • Kenneth says:

      @jim – They might have a 23/2 in the future, read this interview: http://www.dpreview.com/interviews/6258617860/fujifilm-interview-jan-2016 and in that You’ll find this answer:

      Where are the remaining gaps in the X-series lens lineup?

      Toru Takahashi, (l) Director, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Fujifilm’s Optical Device & Electronic Imaging Products Divison: “Customers are requesting more compact lenses. Our 35mm F2 is one example. So we may need to supplement this lens [with others of this kind].”

  7. Jensaddis says:

    Hi there!
    As I use the Xpro1 most of the times and left all the others on the shelf I most say: the Xpro 2 IS great. I was able to test it at a preview last night and compared it with my Xpro1: the result is that in the Xpro1 is still a marvel and the Xpro2 is a marvel marvellous … I didn’t believe before, I am more a conservative kind of photographer, love the fotografic approach of the xpro1 and must say: the Xpro2 is the same haptic, the viewfinders are much better, the autofocus is fast and I mean FAST in bad light, like yesterday evening, it works superb with my manual workflow as well as with the 35 1.4 and 35 2.0 … The sensor is gobsmacking, and the iq out of question. As a sceptic I and I don’t get nothing for this comment I say: if you want to ,shoot’ go for a big/fast Nikanon or xt1/10 but if you like the way of photographic approach of traditional but if needed fast highest quality photography…go for this camera. It is a marvel.

  8. JWMster says:

    Seems the lens over the camera… is the right advice if you have to choose. Camera is much more “exciting” but the lens seems to fill a gap… but honestly for my money, biggest improvements will come from just shooting more, in more target rich locations. This time of year… that’s a leaner proposition, ergo the mental appeal of new hardware is all that much greater. That said, checking the specs, for all the comments on the size of the viewfinder and unless I’m reading them wrong, it seems about even with the X-T1 and larger than that of the X-T10. Maybe it’s the magnification? or maybe they’re talking about the OVF where the 90mm faces a small window frame?