2 Months with the Fuji X-T2

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Finally, I can talk about it!!!!  For the last two months I have been shooting the new Fuji X-T2.  Today I can tell you all about it.  Now, there are tons of article coming-out that review all the features and and changes so i won’t hash all that out again.  What you want to know is should I buy one?  The answer is YES!  However there is more to it than that, so let’s get started!


Is it better than the X-T1?   Absolutely.  It inherits all the great advancements that came out in the X PRO 2.  With a 24.3 mega pixel sensor, a much faster processor, greatly improved viewfinder and LCD, better attention to the buttons and dials, and the deal breaker, the new focusing joystick it is a must upgrade from the X-T1.  Now a little love for the X-T1!  It is still great camera and I would not throw mine away, (o.k. I had three and I sold two)!  I plan to keep one around since I still love it and will find a good use for it!  But yes, Virginia, the X-T2 is everything you hoped it would be and more!


Is it better than the X PRO 2?  No, it’s just different.  It is better suited for those that enjoy a SLR type camera even though it is not an SLR, it handles and operates for those that are more comfortable  with that style camera.  The X-T2 has a better LCD, it tilts both horizontally and vertically!  It has 4K video!  The electronic viewfinder has faster refresh rate, almost twice was fast, and it is much brighter, and has more magnification all great things!  It is smaller than the X PRO 2, which is good or bad depending on which you prefer.  It has a much faster frame rate, with the battery compartment it will do a blazing 11 frames per second!!!  The battery compartment is also much improved, fits tighter, and has it’s own shutter release and joystick, much needed!  If you love rangefinder type cameras, the  X PRO 2 is still your cup of tea!


What am I going to do?   I am going to buy one!  Then I’m going to shoot it along side my X PRO 2 and decide which one will get a sibling!  Don’t I already know??? Actually the camera we had the opportunity to shoot early did not have the final firmware so they were less than ready for prime time.  This is normal, but I still will have to shoot a full blown production camera with the final firmware to know some of the things I need to see.  I know this much for sure, it is a very worthy successor to the wonderful X-T1.  I’m sure I will end up with a pair of them, and the X PRO 2 will be my other camera, but since I promised you I would always shoot straight with you, so I will tell you more after I’ve shot the production camera for a while.  All indictions are it is going to be the one you will want.  Dang Fuji, wish they hadn’t made the X Pro 2 so fabulous, both have there charms!!!!  Stay tuned on this soap opera!


What about Image Quality?  My estimation is it’s fabulous, all I could have hoped for!  But I will let you decide, these are images made over the last few months with the X-T2.






While this image below was not shot with the X-T2 it was shot with the X PRO 2 in Acros monochrome mode which is also in the X-T2 and is the greatest break through in forever for monochrome shooters, it’s simply wonderful!




So, to wrap it all up; The Fuji X-T2 is a fabulous edition to the Fuji X System!  It will be an even bigger hit than the X-T1 was and with good reason, Fuji did what they do best, they listened to the customer and made virtually every change we asked for and added some on top of that!  I guess I will be buying a pair of them!!!


Check out Jack Graham’s excellent review as well, on our Fuji Workshop Site:





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  1. Mike Kline says:

    Great images Bill. I was wondering when your review was going to pop up today. I will be ordering one in early 2017 and look forward to it. Did you get to use the X-T2 with the 100-400 lens?

    • admin says:

      I did, extensively, and it works fantastic, that is one great lens! So much so I just sold my beloved Nikkor 400mm f 3.5!

      • Mike Kline says:

        Excellent! The 100 – 400 is my next big Fuji purchase followed up by the XT-2 in early 2017.

    • Kathy Terry says:

      I recently purchased this lens for our trip to Africa- the quality of the lens is only surpassed by the quality of the images that I captured! I used it with the extender with no loss of sharpness! I LOVE this lens!!!!

  2. Myles says:

    Mr. Fortney:

    Did they resolve the issue with the iso dial that was finicky on the xpro2? Also, the link for Mr. Graham is not working. I think this one works though.


  3. Don DeLong says:

    1. I see it comes with a new battery which is very expensive…..$68.00! Will this new camera, and the new vertical grip use the original XT1 batteries as well?
    2. Do you expect better bundles to become available before this starts to ship? I pre-ordered the 100-400 lens and the day after I received it they bundled it with the 1.4 teleconverter. A bundle with the new vertical grip or the new 2.0 teleconverter would be nice!

    I was happy to see they improved the AE bracketing to +/- 2 stops although it is still only 3 frames…..I was hoping for 5?


    • Mike Kline says:

      From what I have heard today, the battery for the X-T1 will work with the X-T2.

    • admin says:

      It uses the older batteries fine. Not sure what they will do in terms of special offers, I think for a while demand will be so high it will be just the camera alone.

  4. Jerry R says:

    Already pre-ordered my X-T2 from B&H. Plan to sign up for the spring Palouse workshop. Bessie & I both enjoyed the other workshops with you and Jack. With Bessie gone, I am finally get back into the shooting groove full swing.

    I need to know more shooting moving subjects, fast and slow moving, with the X-T1 and the X-T2 – this is my weak area. Any tutoring, workshops or websites you would suggest?

    Jerry R

    • admin says:

      We would welcome you back sorry about Bessie, I didn’t know! You have my thoughts an prayers.

  5. Bob Jensen says:

    Superb as always. Have already placed an order for two and gving two of my X-T1’s to my son. Ca’t wait to try the ACROS mode.

  6. Mike Roberts says:

    Sent Nick a text yesterday to put me on the list for an XT-2. Can’t wait to get it, but still love the XPro-2

    • admin says:

      I feel the same, really love the X PRO 2 but can’t wait for this new one, what a disease!!!!!

  7. Jim Erickson says:

    Back when the XPro2 came out I ask if I should buy it or the 100-400 zoom if I could only purchase one and you said get the lens and then the XT2 when it comes out. Well I did the opposite. Bought the XPro2 and then last week just before the deal on the lens expired, I purchased it. What an awesome lens and body. Now hopefully I can save enough to add the XT2 in a few months but meanwhile I’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of the XPro2 and now the 100-400 lens. The bottom line is when making buying decisions with Fuji, you can’t make a wrong decision. The choices are always between really really good and really really really good. Thanks for the review.

    • admin says:

      I agree Jim, it is really tough to write a review that compares products from Fuji, each has it’s own charms!

  8. Brad Mikel says:

    Thanks for the review Bill. Ordered my XT-2 yesterday from B&H. Hope it arrives before I head to Spain on Sept. 9th! Also see that RRS is accepting pre orders for L-brackets.
    Still wishing for a 5 frame AE bracket!

  9. Hi Bill, Off topic but I received you’re email yesterday and thank you. I tried to respond to it but my email kept getting bounced back as not being able to be delivered. FYI.


  10. Hello Bill
    Just to let you know my pre-order for the X-T2 and new battery grip has been submitted. Thanks for all the great advice and training.

  11. Mitch says:

    Thanks for the review. Any word on a graphite silver version?

  12. Chris Gibbons says:

    Hi Bill – as usual, some startlingly good images in your review. But given all the hoo-hah about the X-T2’s new, super-fast AF-C, nothing that was moving with any kind of speed at all. I shoot wildlife, including a lot of BIF, and have to say that I was very disappointed with the X-T1/100-400 combo. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about the potential of the X-T2/100-400 for those subjects? Thanks in advance and best wishes, Chris Gibbons.

    • john Payne says:

      Hi Bill, I think I’m going to wait for the X-T3
      I’m thinking this model will be somewhat larger in size. The Fuji engineers have to be wizards to jam so much technology into such a small package. It would help me and my fumble fingers that I am if it comes with larger function buttons on the back or maybe a touch screen. I don’t know who’s idea that smaller is better, but larger and lighter sure is dandy for me!
      The way the newer technology keeps coming, I can hardly keep up and use what is on my X-T1 plus it has more whistles and bells than I use or even remember to use. I guess I’m still in the K1000 mode but I sure like the Film Simulation and the light weight Fuji has so graciously made in these precious cameras. Seems like cameras are going more toward computer like technology, and somehow my foot is still hung up in the door from film to digital.
      With all that said, I do like the results I get when I take out my X-T1 or the Pro1, they are like precious little diamonds.
      Hope our paths cross again and thanks again for steering me onto my Fuji collection!

  13. Mohammad Mirza says:

    Hi Bill, recently I shot some long exposure photos with my new Fuji X-T2. Noticed allot of hot pixel spots all over my photos!! I used Lee ND big stopper, graduate and polariser filters. Shot at ISO 200 f/13 at 30,90,180 and 240 sec.
    Hot spots are more in the shadow area of the photo.
    Dont know what’s the problem!!could you help to resolve this issue.