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I’ve had a lot of emails asking my why I have not done a review on the new Fujifilm X-T2!!!!  Some people have taken my silence as a statement, from me, that I’m not happy with it, and that’s not the case, please let me explain.  Months ago, Fujifilm loaned Jack Graham and I two of the very first X-T2 pre-production cameras to hit the shores of the U.S.  We were afforded that priviledge as X Photographers in return for our testing of the cameras, providing feedback,  and shooting images that could be used by Fujifilm for promtion and advertising.  The camera that I got was a very early example of what we have now, and it had very early, very buggy, firmware, so much so that using the camera was a real laborious feat.  While I loved the X-T1, this “prototype” was trying, to say the least.  Now this is not unusal for early prototypes or pre-produciton cameras, I experienced the same frustrations with the very early Nikon D800. It is during that “trial” period that cameras mature into the products we eventualy buy and love.  It’s an important and neccessary part of camera developement.


As I continued to struggle with the pre-production camera, friends were starting to take delivery of the brand new, production X-T2s. Fuji had agreed to compensate us for our work and speaking engagements with a brand new Fujifilm X-T2 and a Vertical Power Booster Grip.  I was getting pretty upset that all my friends had a X-T2 and I was still struggling with the early model I had been testing.  I was told the reason for the delay was our cameras would have a special serial number, and frankly I could have cared less, I don’t go around showing people my serial numbers to brag about how low they may be!!!  When the camera arrived just a couple of days ago, I was shocked, it is a pretty special serial number!





O.K.,  so what do I think about the camera now that I have one that actually works!!!!!  Before I get into that, let me say that the long wait was a real mixed blessing.  I really wanted to get the full benefit of the new 24.3 mega pixel sensor so I had started to use the X PRO 2 a lot more and actually really fell in love with it, in fact I bought a second one and now have two!  I love it so much I toyed with the idea of making the X PRO 2 my main cameras with the X-T2 as a backup.  Plan foiled!!!!  Don’t get me wrong I still love the X PRO 2’s and will give them a good workout, but the X-T2 is the camera I hoped it would be, when it grew up!!!!!


I won’t do a feature by feature review, plenty of those already exist. What I will do is share what things I really like, and what I don’t like.  As with all reviews keep in mind this is my impression based on how I work, your milage may vary!





I love the electronic viewfinder!  It is at least one stop brighter than the X-T1 which I already loved.  The refresh rate is much higher the entire viewing, and composing experience is greatly enhanced.  Since, as shooters, we see the world through our viewfinders a lot of the time, this is a great improvement. The .77x magnification is also a big boost!


The seperate ISO dial that is lockable. While the ISO dial on the X PRO 2 has not driven me nuts, as it does some, I do still prefer the dial arrangement on the X-T2, it simply works and can be held in place with a very simple to use locking button.


The two way tilting LCD Screen.  I really missed the tilting LCD screen when using the X PRO 2.  The screen on the new X-T2 is very solid and it is great to now have a vertrical tilt as well.


Focusing speed and accuracy.  While this is not exclusive to         the X-T2 now that the X PRO 2 has firmware version 2.0, this is a very speedy camera in all operations, and the focusing has taken a quantum leap, so much so that it actually challenges Nikon and Canon for sports/action work!


Image Quality and Acros monochrome modes.  Image quality is identical to the X PRO 2 which is to say, “fantastic” and the new Acros film simulaiton is stunning, simply stunning!  Did I mention that Acros is STUNNING??!!


Ergonomics.  The new front molded grip is a more rubbery material and aids substantially in hand holding the camera, the overall placement of controls and build quality is typical Fujifim, which is to say solid, and well thought out.


That glass!!!!  The Fujifilm X System XF lenses are just spectacular, I own allmost all of them, and love everyone!





The stiff to turn exposure compensation dial.  I know Fuji, you can’t please everyone.  When the X-T1 came out a lot of reviewers carped about how loose it was and how easy it was to knock out of place!  Gee, you think you might check and see where it was set???!!!  In fairness, Fujifilm has given us a really slick alternative in that the front command dial can be set to give exposure compensation and it’s lockable!!!!  Why they didn’t put a lock on the exposure compensation dial so it could be easier to turn with your thumb, like I like it, and lockable when I’m feeling paranoid, is beyond me, but hey, it’s a  small thing considering how great they did on this camera!!!!


Speaking of locks, why on earth does the memory card slot door have a latch??!!  The friction arrangement of the X PRO 2 mempory card slot door is much easier to use and still substantial and feels well made, but hey,  you don’t take cards in and out that much so it’s forgiveable.  Just puzzling.


I miss the Focus Assist button, and now open the Q menu everytime a want to enlarge the view.  I’ll get used to it,  just like the other arrangement better.  Not a big deal or deal breaker!




Thanks Fujifilm for giving us a supremely usable tools.  The X-T2 and X PRO 2 are designed for real photographers that know what the controls do and like using them to make great images.  The cameras are solidly built, have thoughtful features, and are capable of making incredible files if the photographer is!!!!  I can highly recommend it and give it two, really big, thumbs up!!!!


I know what you’re thinking!  Will the X-T2 or the X PRO 2 be my main “go to” cameras????  That’s easy……… both!




the pilgrim






21 Responses

  1. Bill,
    The Focus Assist on the X-T2 has been moved to the rear command dial. To enlarge the view, push it to lock in. Push again to release.

    • admin says:

      Yep, I knew that, I just miss the button, it works fine, but I use a thumb rest and it is slightly tighter fit, but yes, you are right.

  2. Richard Browne says:

    I agree with most of your points (I don’t disagree with any – some just don’t matter that much to me). I’d add that I really like having two memory card slots, and when the camera is paired with the vertical grip, having three batteries is fantastic! I can shoot all day, use the LCD constantly, and still end up with battery juice left! And that’s while using two “old” batteries and only one of the “new” longer-life batteries (the one that came with the camera). I’m really happy with the two-way tilt screen, and the joystick to move the focus points is a great addition. I share your problem with the absence of the Focus Assist button, although that’s just a matter of my adapting because, as Steven Ebright has pointed out, I just have to learn to use the rear command dial. Now if RRS would just get me my L-bracket, everything would be peachy!

  3. Michael Belovesick says:

    Hello Bill,
    Just a quick question – is there a Back Button Focus Feature on the X-T2 and does it work as it does with Nikons?

    • admin says:

      Yes, a auto lock button can be assigned for t hat, I think, pretty sure, never liked back focus buttons, so let me check. How was that for a definite answer!!!

  4. Joshua Boldt says:

    I think they were criticized for the memory card door coming open too easily on some of their models so they have been experimenting, also the lock might help with the weather sealing.

    • admin says:

      I guess that is possible, but the X PRO 2 door works great, but then it’s not a big deal, buy big cards and don’t change them as often.

  5. Mike E says:

    pretty neat to have a camera “named” (in terms of serial number ) after you!

  6. Johnny Boyd says:

    Here you go again Bill……. Going to make me spend more money……. after I had given up my XT2 to the next person who had made a down payment…… now I’ll be at the end of the line….. LOL

  7. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Bill…I’ve avoided gear lust so far this year. Just getting to know my friendly XT-1 a little better and reattachment of the rubber grips…and now this. The catch all for me is faster focus. With my five kids myself and all the charity work I do at events that is the key thing I need to here. Do I continue saving to hit the trail with you or give in to gear lust? Keep up the good work and faith my friend. E

    PS That XE-1 you got me into the system with still works just fine to. This week we did a job spelling out Faith, Hope, Charity in 5th-7th graders. I’d actually enjoy an XE-3 in some ways more than and XT-2. The rangefinder just works for me creatively. Don’t know why, just does.

  8. Mike Roberts says:

    That’s an awfully nice serial number. I hope to see it in person someday soon.

  9. I like mine enough that I would consider buying another but I would add as a “con” the $1599 price tag. Look at the variance between that and, say, a D800. Hope to see the X-E3.

    • admin says:

      $1,599. is not cheap, but when you consider how well it performs against cameras costing twice as much, it doesn’t seem so bad! But it is $1,600! no matter how you think about it!

  10. pointreyes says:

    I’m holding off on purchasing the X-T2. Instead I purchased two zooms (10-24 and 50-140) plus both tele-converters since August. I will just have to subject myself to using the old useless X-T1 and X-E2 with all the Fuji glass I have. :p

    I can see it now. When I’m finally ready to get the X-T2, the XF80 will probably be released. 🙂

    Wish Fuji would provide an educational discount. The X-E2 and at least 5 lenses are used for home school. If I had the X-T2 then the X-T1 would be used for education and during the wet season here in Oregon that would be very useful for my kids.

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