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In a couple of days we will all be with friends and family celebrating Thanksgiving.  If that is not the case for you, I wish you a warm and great Thanksgiving, if you’re near me, come on over, trust me everyone else is, we have 22 coming for Thanksgiving dinner!!!  So back to my Thanksgiving thoughts.


I have so much to be thankful for;


The greatest decsion of my life was the day I asked Jesus to come into my heart and life and take over.  I’ve wrestled with Him for control most of the 54 years since, but I finally surrendered and it’s been a lot smoother sailing since then.


I’m married to the most beautiful, caring, kind and intelligent girl & woman!  She is truly the love of my life!


She has teamed up with me to have the most incredible family, three great kids, (adults now), and they have given us 6 grandchildren!  The Holidays are great when we can all be together.


I’ve been blessed with some wonderful friends.  Jack Graham has been such a great friend to work with teaching and running workshops together, he really makes me laugh!  Jim Haverstock has been the brother and friend that has been a constant reminder of character and class!  Jim Begley helped me start His Light Workshops and remains a dear friend.  Now that my parents are gone my brother Homer and I are what’s left of our side of the Fortney family,  I really love him!  So many other friends to count, Carl Turner, Charles Stanley and many many others!  I’m so blessed!


I love to make images, and hold a camera in my hands, and I’ve been blessed to be able to do it for 47 years.


I am so blessed that I get to write and share with others and doubley blessed that you read this stuff!  I hope it blesses you!  Thanks for coming along and Happy Thanksgiving.




the pilgrim



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  1. Rick Coleman says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Bill. I wish you and your family many continued blessings.

  2. Jim in Bloomington says:

    The wonderful part of so many blessings is that they give back. Your friendship is a constant delight and inspiration to Sue and me. Thank you for being a friend and a mentor.

  3. David Berry says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Bill ~ I am so much a better person because of our friendship!
    Blessing to you and your family!

  4. Steve Hurst says:

    Bill you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving. Let the soles of your shoes cool off and warm your soul with the gathering of your family.

  5. Richard Browne says:

    I add my wishes for an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your family, and for a relaxing holiday season in which you can re-charge your batteries for the coming year!

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