Fujjifilm 200mm f 2 Part 2 & Summary

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Optical Performance:  Above is a section of a file from the 200mm f 2 wide open from a tripod.  The file was then blown up to 4 X 6 feet at 300 dpi.  On my computer a 5K iMac 27″ this file is razor sharp and remember it is 4 X 6 foot enlargement!!!!!  Needless to say this is groundbreaking performance, below is the file from the 100-400 which I consider an exceptionally good lens and more than capable for my work.  Honestly the 200mm f 2 blows it way.  Now if you made two 4 X 6 foot prints and hung them on the wall, and viewed them from 8 feet away, they would look pretty much the same, but the edge would still go to the 200mm f 2.  Step closer, and it’s no contest.



AUTOFOCUS PERFORMANCE:  I then took both lenses to the interstate and photographed cars coming at me (from the side of the road – in a safe place) traveling at 75 mph or faster.  In 15 shot bursts both lenses made tack sharp images, the edge again going to the faster 200mm f 2. but, I could see no good reason to show you 30 images that were, for the most part, identical!  Fujifilm in recent bodies, with the latest firmware, now has outstanding follow focus performance. If Fujifilm is calling you, you can no longer use autofoocus performance as a reason to stay away, just saying……


SUMMARY:  Is it worth the money?  Yes, if you need the sharpest possible long lens, the fastest focusing long lens and the fastest (wide open aperture) lens, a profound YES!  Is $6,000.  a lot of money, it certinly is to me, but if you are a wedding shooter or outdoor portrait person, sports photographer or journalist, then this lens is pretty much a must own…… if you can afford it.  It is one of those lenses that will make you money.  If you’re paid to do that kind of work!


Is the $6,000. price tag too much to pay?  Not if you need tack sharp images with dreamy dream like out of focus backgrounds, this is one of the few Fujifilm lenses that can give you that.  The 90mm f 2 certainly can, and the 56 f 1.2 can, but no matter how hard you try the 100-400 wide open just cannot deliver this kind of bokeh.  Do you need that kind of bokeh?  You need to decide that for yourself, but if you do, this would be the lens, if  you need a longer focal length lens for your work.  The price is in line with others lenses from Nikon and Canon that do essentially the same kind of work.  The bonus is this lens comes with a matched 1.4 converter making it a 450mm f 2.8 equiv. and that is worth some serious money right there!  Yes it is a lot, but for what it can do, it’s not out of line at all.  Think of this.  With this lens you have a 300mm f 2 and a 450mm f 2.8 right in the box.  Later add a matching 2X converter and  you would have a 600mm f 4 (all equiv. with your APSC sensors).   If you shoot Nikon and want the same here is your costs:


Nikon 200mm f 2       $5,696.   1.4 converter: $496.    2X converter  $496.

Nikon 400mm f 2.8   $11,196.

Nikon 600mm f 4      $12,296.


Canon is in the same range.


How does it compare to similiar lenses from other systems?  If you shoot with Fujifilm bodies and do not plan to switch systems it really desn’t matter, but just for giggles; the best 200mm f 2 I ever shot was the Nikon 200mm f 2 and I believe this lens equals or betters it!  That is saying something!  I always thought the Nikon 200mm f 2 was an astounding piece of glass, well now, Fujifilm, you have one too!!!!!


Hope that helps you sort out your thoughts on this new addition for our Fujifilm family….




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  1. John Gompf says:

    Nice review. Would you post a few shots of the bokeh from this lens wide open?

  2. Ken Lutes says:

    Bill I was wondering what camera you used this new lens on. And just to clarify are you saying that the new firmware update on the XT2 will give you great BIF performance? Thanks Ken

  3. Flannery says:

    I have a substancial investment in Nikon Pro Gear. A few of my favorite lenses to shoot with have been 24mm F1.4, 85mm F1.4, 105mm F2.8 macro, 200mm F2.0 on both full frame and crop bodies. I have a growing Fuji gear bag that started with the Xpro1 release and 3 lenses of the time. I’m up to 3 X bodies, 8 lenses and an X100F. I freely admit to people that my Nikon gear only comes out with the use of 200mm F2 and Macro lens. Well with fuji bringing this 200mm, the 80mm Macro and some top wide angles….may be time to sell the Nikon kit. I find the Fuji experience more enjoyable. Thanks for the comparison!
    (PS: Yes I have read about the new Nikon Z7 and Z6) GRIN