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Thank you for your prayers and follow up calls and emails!  Sherelene and I are doing well.  If it were not for our faith and your prayers I would hate to think how much more difficult this would be!  When Jim Haverstock lost his wife Sue, I searched for every resource I could find to encourage him and help him through his grief.  Little would I know that what I learned over the past almost two years with Jim would help me so much with the loss of Wes.


One thing that I want to share with all of you is a series of books that I got for Jim and that I am reading now, that have helped me so much!  The book above, God and the Afterlife, is the result fo major study undertaken by Dr. Jeffrey Long of over 4,000 interviews with people who have had Near Death Expriences.  The resulting study paints and incredible picture of what we as believers have in store for us when we leave these earthly bodies.


So why am I sharing this with you?  Well it’s a good news, bad news story.  The bad news is that every one of us will someday die, and before that, we will loose many loved ones and friends to physical death.  The good news is that our spirit lives on, and that is why this is so important, what we do now will determine where our spirits are after our physical death.


I would encourage to get and read these books, it will give you incredible hope for your future.  It will also give you a real peace for those that you loose now.  After you read this book you will want more and I have two addiitonal books I can highly rcommend, all available on Amazon;  Life After Life  Dr.Raymond Moody. and Imagine Heaven by John Burke.  All of these books are a must read for believers!


These books have not only given me a real peace and excitement for Wes, but they have given me a new prescription for how to live the rest of my life!  In the vast majority of these NDEs the person comes back with one fundimental principle from Jesus, “Have you loved others with My love.”


You can rest assured that is my new mandate, for as long as God gives me on this earth, is to hold true to that one request from Him!




the pilgrim

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  1. Scotty B says:

    Thanks, Bill, (as we say so often) for the lead on the books…they’re on my list and I look forward to reading them.
    And our prayers and thoughts continue for you and your family, we hope that you’re finding this time to be fulfilling and restoring for everyone.

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