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I came across a interesting test on youtube and I would love to see what your thoughts are!  Andrew shows a series of images A thru E of a similar shot.  Two are from a Fuji X-T3, one in Acros film simulation and one in monochrome, two are from two Leica cameras one a regular color camera that has a monochrome setting and one from the Leica monochrome only camera and the last from a  film camera.


It’s easy, get a piece of paper and pen and then play this youtube video writing down your pick from each sequence of shots.  I picked my two favorites and the shot I thought was the worst.  PLEASE share your results with the rest us and I will do the same!


Be sure to click the full screen symbol to make your selections easier!!!




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  1. Rick Coleman says:

    Fun comparison. My two favorites were consistently the Leica Monochrom Classic and the X-T3 Acros. Sometimes couldn’t decide which one I liked best but would probably say the final nod overall would go just slightly to the Leica.
    Third place was consistently the X-T3 Monochrome followed by the Leica Monochrom Type 246 and then the Leica M3.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    I agree I had the same preferences. I think the Leica Monochrom is probably a hair better, but….with a cost of essentially $8,000 For just the body and the equally high cost of Leitz glass…… I think the X-T3 is looking like a screaming bargain! For the cost of the Monochrom body you could have a pair of X-T3s, A 14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm plus a bunch of batteries and really nice bag and taking your wife out for a five star dinner. Seems like a bargain to me!

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    By-the-way, really looking forward to being with you and Jim in the UP!

  4. JOHN GOMPF says:

    I also picked the Leica in the comparison. Probably because of the lens, but as far as monochrome renderings, they are all so close, the cost isn’t worth the difference.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      Generally, Leitz Lenses tend to have a hair more contrast, and that was born out in these samples.
      I think the Leica Monochrom is clearly designed from the ground up to maximize monochrome images and it shows! I still can’t afford the body…….. and don’t want to deal with the weight, ever picked one up?

  5. You didn’t have another “scare” I hope!

  6. Johnny Boyd says:

    My Favorite was A and B & C a close second almost a tie between them. I wasn’t really surprised when I saw that Camera A was the Fuji with the monochrome. If the shots had been out west with some storm clouds I bet the ACROS would have been the winner.

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