O.K. I’m ready, but which body???

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O.K. so you’ve been reading about all this mirror-less stuff and you are considering buyng a Fujifilm camera, but which one? Since I’ve owned or used almost all the options let me chime in with “my” ideas. Only my ideas, by-the-way! Fujifilm makes a bewildering large variety of very fine options so lets get to it!

Let’s start with budget. If you are working with less funds than you would like, never fear, there are some perfect options for you! The X-E3 with a lens, the X100F and the XT-30 with a lens are all very reasonably priced and all extremely capable cameras! If you need a light, easy to use travel camera and don’t need or want to carry extra lenses, the X100F is a very fine choice. The fixed 23mm f 2 lens (a 35mm equivalent). The lens is tack sharp and that is a perfect focal length for general photography. The camera is a classic rangefinder style camera. If you think you would like to be able to change lenses then the X-E3 is a compact exceptional camera that when paired with the 16mm f 2.8, 23mm f 2, 35mm f 2 or the 50mm f 2 makes a fantastic travel camera. If you ha ve been using a DSLR htne the X-T30 is more like the camera you have been using and it highly capable, in fact it has the same sensor and processor as the top of the line X-T3.

Let’s say you have a little more budget and you might also want ot buy a few lenses. Last year’s Camera of the Year award winner the X-T3 is a great still and video camera fully capable doing any kind of work and it’s very reasonably priced. Quiet honestly, I own this camera and use it all the time for any number of serious professional assaignments. In a word, it is a perfect choice!

However if you shoot almost all your images hand held you need to give serious consideration to the X-H1 which has 5 Axis Image Stabilization assuring sharp images even when hand holding your camera. The X-H1 is one of the finest and most beautifully engineered instruments among all these bodies! It is my current go to body and I use it all the time!

I said it is my “current” go to body, that is becasue I have yet to actually try the new X-PRO 3. I am sure it is going to be something that I have a great deal of pleasure using. I have the X-PRO 2 and it does in fact bring me a great deal of joy in the shooting process, a rangefinder is not for everyone, but for those that can work with it, it opens up extraordinary doors for the right shooter.

So I hope this offers even a little insight. I must say you can’t go wrong with any camera listed here!


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  1. Jerry Reece says:

    Very clear and to the point summary. This should be a big help to those searching for a new camera/camera body. Hope the curated sites pick this up to give you a wider audience. Perhaps a similar summary for the Fuji lenses is in order for the options now available in 2019.

    Another interesting post, as least to me, would be your perspective on when and why you choose the “H”, the “T”, and the “Pro” bodies for particular situations.


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