Why I’m excited about the Fujifilm X-PRO 3

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Why do photographers own several “different” camera bodies all that use the same lens system? First let me say, if you own just one model, or a pair of the same cameras and that meets your needs, good for you, great choice!

If you are a generalist shooting mostly nature, landscape, travel and close-up work and you shoot Fujifilm cameras a pair of X-T3s or X-H1s would make a ton of sense! In fact for those areas that is exactly what I shoot.

For people, family and light travel I love the X-Pro series. I have an X-Pro 2, (pictured above), and I’m awaiting the arrival of my X-Pro 3. The unique dual viewfinder system of of X-Pro series is wonderful for seeing what is happening outside the picture area, allowing you to anticipate movement for those decisive moment shots!

Rangefinder style cameras do not appeal to everyone, but to those that enjoy them and can work well with them, they are very satisfying to work with! I have one small bag that stays set up for two X-Pro bodies and the Fujicrons ( 16mm, 23mm, 35mm, and the 50mm plus the fabulous 90mm ).

These are the lenses that, for me, work perfectly or these kinds of images and subject matter. From the reports I’ve read on the X-Pro 3, I can’t wait to get mine! When I do I promise to give it a full review!


The pilgrim

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  1. Jerry Reece says:

    Appreciate your perspective on when you use the X-T style camera and when you use the X-Pro style camera. I have often wondered about why you had both styles. Now I have a clearer picture.

    Being left eye dominant the X-Pro style pushes my nose right into the center of the LCD – smudgeville with my hay fever, runny nose. The X-Pro 3 should eliminate that problem for me. As you know Bill, I currently shoot with a pair of X-T3’s and an X-T30.


  2. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Footnote that the X-E3 may be a viable (and cost friendly) alternative *except* that the X-E3 may not be the best choice with large lenses, such as the 100-400.

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