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Like most of the rest of the Fujifilm users I’m awaiting getting my hands on the soon to be released Fujifilm X-T4! Let me be clear, this blog entry is based only on all the articles I’ve read, and Youtube videos I’ve wathed from those that have gotten a chance to shoot the pre-production camera.

From what Ive gleaned from those sources and talks with my friends at Fujifilm it seems certain that this is the latest and greatest X Series camera they have ever produced. It is very important for camera companies to keep pushing the envelope and keep their products at a state of the art position, and I have no doubt that the X-T4 will meet that standard for Fujifilm!

It appears that the biggest improvements for the X-T4 over the X-T3 , ( a great camera in it’s own right), are;

* In Body Image Stabilization

* A new and longer lasting battery (more shots per charge).

* Improved auto focus and face detect auto focus.

* Higher frame rate.

* A fully articulating rear LCD panel.

* Improved Video performance and functions.

I can’t wait to try one out, but the questions is will I buy one? I am sure that Fujirilm will sell a ton of them, but will I be one of the buyers?

I won’t know for sure until I get my hands on one and shoot with it. My only issue, personally, is that many of the improvements are not that relevent for the kinds of things I shoot and how I work in the field. For instance, I’m not a video guys so those improvements don’t really help me very much. While a longer lasting battery will be a good thing, I have lots of batteries now and don’t mind having to change them twice as often. i don’t shoot action sports of fast moving wildlife, so faster auto focus is not something I’m in great need of, plus I think he X-T3 auto focus performance already meets my needs just fine! I do have an X-H1 and really love the in-body image stabilization, so for me, that is a great upgrade and something I know I would enjoy. Image quality should be nearly identical so that is not a factor for me either.

I don’t do selfies, so the fully articulating screen is not a game changer for me either. It appears that the X-T4 will be only slightly larger and that is fine by me, it wouldn’t keep me from buying one. The X-T3 and H-H1 both which are my current go to bodies plus the X-Pro 3 have plenty fast enough frame rate for the kinds of things I shoot.

So you are probably thinking that I’ve decided against getting one, but you would be wrong, I want to shoot one first before I decide, but I certainly want to take it for a whirl! After we dance some, I will let you know!!!


the pilgrim

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  1. I think I’ll be skipping the XT4 for all the reasons you mentioned. So much of the camera is the same as the TX3. Like you I have all the batteries I need and they work in all three generations of the camera I have. I’m not interested in having to start a new battery collection.

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    That is a big additional investment at nearly $90. Each!

  3. Michael Early says:

    You are just being silly…. of course, you are going to buy one … you can’t outsmart your GAS no matter how much you protest at the front end of the thought process. ( insert bid gigantic smiley face here)

  4. Jerry Reece says:

    Shouldn’t, but will. Already pre-ordered. How can man [oops! or woman) (or should it be person)] live life fullest without GAS. I look forward to IBIS giving me more times to leave the tripod in the car. Old age and the obligatory more shaky hands welcome IBIS, I hope.

    Bill, hopefully this covid-19 epidemic won’t effect our Badlands tour as we read about states perhaps opening up too soon and perhaps the potential of a second wave in the fall! Hopefully our politicians, both liberal and conservative, put human lives ahead of personal ambitions and egos. How’s that for wishful thinking.


  5. Carl says:

    I agree with you and Richard Siggins. While I like the T3 (my wife loves it), my H1 is my go-to body for its IBIS. At 74, my hands aren’t as stable as they use to be – and I love to shoot free hand, not on a tripod. For that reason, IF my wife agrees – and IF I can get a good price for my T3 (i.e., not much of an update cost) – I MIGHT (?) update.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      I think th X-T4 is with out a doubt the next great thing, I will get one soon and test it fo rall of you, we’ll see if it is a keeper for my style of work.

  6. Jerry Reece says:

    Monday, is a big day. FedEx WILL be on time!!!

    Can’t wait to really check out my pair of XT4’s. My daughter inherits my “old” XT3’s. I look forward to the IBIS freeing me more from the tripod and to the range limiting on the focus bracketing. I like being able to fold the LCD out of view as I often have two bodies on my neck and always fear the non-in-use body’s LCD clanking around my belt buckle, etc. I understand even a clearer view with the LCD and EVF. All the other stuff is just icing.

    Still hoping to see you in the Dakotas, but the chances are looking fainter as this covid-19 stretches out – just no confidence in the POTUS leadership right now

    The Demos and Repubs need to quit posturing and fight this together and lean on POTUS for setting the pace to BOTH health and economic recovery in the best manner to benefit all. I believe in our representative gov’t which historically has been able represent all, find common ground and keep us strong. Both sides have good and bad points. Let both bring the good points forward. They both just need to focus on serving all of the public and set aside personal needs, interests and egos. Boy, that’s idealistic. ‘Nuff political venting, back to photog.
    Jerry Reece

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