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I did a men’s Bible study a few years ago and one chapter had a very interesting premise. When one man asks another man what he does, the man that asked that question answers by saying what they do for a living, their job, or profession, 93% of the time. It seems that experts, whoever they are, say that men see them selves as athe bread winner or provider and what they do for a living is of that much importance to them! Now many women are also the provider as well, but this is about men so forgive me and let me continue!

The author of the study book suggested that maybe we should consider what are the most important things we do and alter our answer to reflect that. So considering those parameters my answer would be; “Well I’m a Chrisitan, a husband, a father and a grandfather and I try to be the best friend I can to my friends and associates. I also happen to be a photographer.” Try this out for your self, how would you describe yourself? It’s imporatant, because how we define ourselves is also how we will set our daily priorities!

When I was a young photographer I placed way too much weight on my profession and not enough on the truly most important things in life, I’m glad I finally got that rearranged!

I now you will to!


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  1. Ron McBryde says:

    Bill, you are absolutely correct. My identity is who I am, not what I do. In my case, I am a Jesus follower. I do have other roles including husband, father, grandfather, friend and volunteer, and have had additional roles such as structural engineer (I am now retired). My life is identified by my relationships, starting with the most important one, my relationship with Jesus.

  2. Scotty B says:

    wow! A real eye-opener – for me at least. There’s a lot of truth in that piece, and thank you so much for bringing it to light, Bill. It’s got me reassessing my answer to that question, and I’ll be better prepared from here on!

  3. admin says:

    …..and that’s a good thing!

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