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While taking a group around the South of France many years ago with Bryan Peterson, one of our students climbed up on top of his rental car to get just the right angle on a field of Lavendar. I once did a workshop in the prairies of Illinois and Rod Planck pulled a 8 foot step ladder of the top of his Ford Expedition to do the same thing, alter his perspective.

Today’s tip to make a real difference in your images is try to avoid shooting from your standing height, either get higher or get lower, move in closer or move back but vary your altitude!!!!

How much to I beleive in doing this?


I got a hunderd feet in the air to do this shot, no, not a step ladder, a drone!! Changing perspective can really make a big difference in how your images will appear to the viewer!

One of my favorite imges shot by Wes in the America From 500 Feet project, coast of Maine near Acadia N.P., two small row boats.

Canyonlands N.P. from 8,000 fet AGL

Burned forest in winter, Yellowstone N.P.

Wetlands along the coast at low tide.

Try it, I think you will love it!


the pilgrim

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  1. Jerry Reece says:

    Your tips and reminders always help to keep me on my toes in my quest for better composition and technique. Keep ’em comin’. They encourage me to keep tryin”


  2. Michael Early says:

    nice images …. but I am not gonna buy a drone …. I am not gonna buy a drone … I am not gonna buy a drone … I am not gonna buy a drone …. well, maybe I should at least look at one

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