Proof of Clothing Abuse!!!!

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I finally got around to going through my father’s slides, old Kodachromes, of Homer and I as little guys.  I discovered that my mother tried to destroy our futures with our clothing choices!!  Just kidding, I guess it was how mom’s of that era tried to dress their kids, but these were just too funny not to share!  The Easter shot above was just too much!



How about these two Bucharoos!  I loved that Homer was riding a bull!



This slide was pretty faded but the theme was outragous!  Homer still can’t stand at attention!



She did a lot better in picking casual clothes these pajamas look comfortable!!



Too bad they were not casting for “Suits” in the 50’s, well maybe not!


I hope you enjoyed a little laugh at Homer’s and my expense, I have a great brother, he always was my best pal, and we have now grown to love each other very much!  This was fun seeing how it all began for us!  Thanks Homer for being a wonderful brother!


I don’t think any less of  you, no matter how our mother dressed us!!!




the pilgrim


Bonus image!  Homer serving in the Air Force in a cowboy outfit!



Well I found one more, Homer won a coloring contest from a local department store, it was who could draw the best Davey Crockett picture.  Homer won and this was theoutfit he won, here he is after killing a “bar”  actually it was our St Bernard Schnapps, who was happy to play along!



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