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The workshop industry has fallen flat on it’ face!  Between Covid and an aging clientele, (by-the-w, so am I!!)   Sign ups are at an all time low.  I lited 12 evnts a mont or two ago and hav enot had a sinble person call and express an interest!  First I knew this was coming, the vast majority of  “photography hobyists” are now in their late 60′ to 80’s and 90’s.  I understand that our age group is the most likely to have a really bad time with Covid and that fear hasn’t helped either!  So what to do next?  Announcing One on One teaching opportunities.  I will accept two or three day one on one advengures with anyone intersted.  I plan to do them withing a few hours of home, The Smokies, Old Car City, Shaker Village, Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge Parkway etc.  I will announce more on this later!  I also plan to meet up with Christiam brothers and sisters at some of these same loctions for fellowship, no fee, just good time in Christ together!


For years I’ve thought that when my teaching/shooting career winds down I really want to learn to cook!  I have a lot of family around and we love to get together to break bread together and I want to be able to fix some killer meals.  So I went out and bought a pellet wood grill and smoker, a RecTeq T590.  I’m already enjoying learn how to use this thing!



I have already mastered Smash Burgers, my first few have all been 5.5 pickle burgers!!  I next plan to learn to smoke all  kinds of great beef and pig meat, (as Ricky Skaggs calls pork!)  I got grill gates for sear marks and a flat steel cook top that fits in the grill for those smash burgers and lots of other good flat top cooking!


I will keep you posted,  but I’m committed to doing this well!


Let me know if  you can stop by and I’ll throw some meat on the grill!




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A group of friends are gathering for a get together and shoot in Cartersville GA at the Courtyard By Marriaott, for Old Car City and other local attactions.  We have a special low rate ($99. plus tax) under His Light Workshops.  We are planing to have great time of fellowship and shooting together.  Feel free to join us.  This is not a workhop, no charge, just the gathering of a group of Christian friends!  Email or call me for more details if  you are interested.  or (606)-528-6119


Once again this is not a paid workshop, just a great chance to get out of the houses and enjoy shooting with great friends!




the pilgrim


The cost to shoot in Old Car City is $30. per day,  that will be paid by each individual.  Our meeting room at the Corurtyard is $150. per day for Thursday and Friday, we will split that cost between the folks attending.

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We got our first real snow last night, about 3 or 4 inches, and I had to get out and try to find a shot or two in this Covid Deprived state we are all in!!!!  Since this isn’t Colorado I had less to choose from, but found a few things I liked.  I loved the big tree in a  field with snow on the branches and as I teach my students once you shoot the first image you saw, move in and see if the details can work!  Below is my attempt!




Snow bent branches.



Over this winter I have a new bag set-up for grab and go!  Remember the camera you have with you is better than the one that is at home.  Grabing this little system I can cover everything from 24mm to 300mm equivilent in just four lenses and the great little X-S10, which I’m loving more everyday!  Thanks to Stacey Moore I was able to get the Domke Fujifilm edition F-803 which is perfect for this set-up!  Thanks Stacey!




Hope you are warm and dry and looking forward to spring and getting back out there in-the-field!




the pilgrim


Tech Specs:


All three snow shots; Fujifilm X-S10 and  (top) 50mm f 2 &  (other two) 55-200

Bag and equimpment shot;  iPhone 12 Pro Max

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I finally got around to going through my father’s slides, old Kodachromes, of Homer and I as little guys.  I discovered that my mother tried to destroy our futures with our clothing choices!!  Just kidding, I guess it was how mom’s of that era tried to dress their kids, but these were just too funny not to share!  The Easter shot above was just too much!



How about these two Bucharoos!  I loved that Homer was riding a bull!



This slide was pretty faded but the theme was outragous!  Homer still can’t stand at attention!



She did a lot better in picking casual clothes these pajamas look comfortable!!



Too bad they were not casting for “Suits” in the 50’s, well maybe not!


I hope you enjoyed a little laugh at Homer’s and my expense, I have a great brother, he always was my best pal, and we have now grown to love each other very much!  This was fun seeing how it all began for us!  Thanks Homer for being a wonderful brother!


I don’t think any less of  you, no matter how our mother dressed us!!!




the pilgrim


Bonus image!  Homer serving in the Air Force in a cowboy outfit!



Well I found one more, Homer won a coloring contest from a local department store, it was who could draw the best Davey Crockett picture.  Homer won and this was theoutfit he won, here he is after killing a “bar”  actually it was our St Bernard Schnapps, who was happy to play along!