In Rust – I Trust!

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I’m not really sure why I love rust?  Maybe because as I age I’m rusting, but then, I started shooting rust many years ago!  I love warm colors and rusty is certainly rich and warm, so there’s that. Maybe most of the places I travel there is a lot of rusting stuff?  Doesn’t much matter, I love rust and love photographing it, in all it’s forms! Let me share a few favorites!


This old car was shot at Nelson Ghost Town in Nevada.  The processing was a technique I learned from my dear friend, Richard Small!


Can you guess where this was shot?  Yep, Utah along the road side.



I shot this old neon sign at a place called Black Dog Salvage.  A great place to shoot in Roanoke, VA!


This was shot at the same Black Dog Salvage building.  My father as the manger of a Coca Cola bottling plant when I was very young, I have always loved Coca Cola stuff.


I found this old rusted Yale lock while kicking around an abandoned mining property  Harlan County, Kentucky


I found this at a antique shop in my home town of Corbin, Kentucky, it’s n old Volvo door.



I know  you’ ve seen this one before, but it is one of my favorites,  I found in the gift shop of Nelson Ghost Town, never figured out if they were for sale?


Happy New Year and don’t rust!  Just shoot it!




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