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While covering the Reno Air Races for Nikon we had the chance to photograph the Navy’s Blue Angels.  One morning a group of us were out at sunrise to photograph the planes on the tarmac and the Blue Angles F18 Hornets were all lined up and perfect for a portrait!


On another morning while out on dawn patrol great pre-sunrise light provided great background for a silouetted Glacier Girl – P38 Lightening.  The Glacier Girl was built about 50 miles from where I live so I got to follow the process of the rebuild. She was so named because she was extracted from deep under the ice in Greenland.


On another early morning, this time at Sun  n’ Fun Air Show in Lakeland Florida, I had the chance to capture a Harrier at sunrise. This McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier was performing at the air show.


This beautiful example of the Ryan open cockpit airplane was at the Sun N’ Fun antique aircraft section, graced by early morning light!  Nikon D800 with 24-70 lens.


One again early morning pre-sunrise light was what this Canadian Trainer needed to show off it’s silver skin!  Reno Air Races.


While working for Nikon I was blessed to photograph 6 shuttle launches.  This one was captured from the VIP site at our compound with a D300 and a 500mm lens with a 1.4 converter The launch pad was 2.5 miles away and this set-up was equivalent of 1,125mm lens!  Even that far away the rumble from the rocket engines is pounding!


This only a few of my thousands of aviation shots, I hope you enjoyed them!





the pilgrim


Bonus shot!

While working the Reno Air Show I got a ride in one of the T-6 Texan Racing planes to go and photograph Lake Tahoe for my second America From 500 Feet Book, while coming back we got close to another Texan and I as able to photograph it air to air  This is me below in the one I was flying in.



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  1. Rodney McKnight says:

    I have been loving all this week’s images Bill. Thanks for taking the time and sharing.

  2. Bill+Fortney says:

    Thank you Rodney for following along!

  3. Beautiful work as always Bill. I agree with Rodney, I am really enjoying the trip down memory lane with you.


    • Bill+Fortney says:

      Thanks Dave, I’m a big believer in counting your blessings, and boy has this been a fun trip for me traveling back through some great memories and blessings!

  4. Eric Wojtkun says:

    I loved America at 500ft…and the story behind it. Still do. Makes me think of my boys about to get up and what adventure I’ll take them on.

  5. David W says:

    You’ve given us another group of photos. Thank you for sharing them.