Daily Archives: November 6, 2012

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We are enjoying incredible conditions, and working with a fantastic group of folks as we have been exploring Arizona and Utah.  What a joy to spend time with such great folks, and shoot such wonderful scenery.  I had the distinct pleasure of riding with Carlos Phillips in Monument Valley yesterday, son of the late, great Tom Phillips, in my opinion the best Navajo guide ever.  Carlos has big shoes to fill, but I know he will work hard to fill them.  He and his team of drivers provided us a great tour of this magical land  all day yesterday.


Today we shot some early morning shots of the mittens, (famous features of the valley), and then drove back to Page to go into Lower Antelope Canyon.  I rally haven’t been shooting very much, spending most of my time helping the guests.  I’m happy to share some of the few images I’ve made today.



Thanks for joining me on this journey, if only in spirit!




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