New Light Travel System!

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As I said in a previous blog post,  Jack picked up a Sony Compact camera and, as always happens, it costs me money!!!!!  I really like the idea of something light I could grab headed to the car for casual shooting.  I probably over did it, but I wanted full coverage and the Micro 4/3rd stuff is so light and small, I ended up with a cool little system for the purpose at hand!


The body is the Lumix GX85, 16 mega pixels and lot of really nice features, excellent Image stabilization and shockingly good image quality!  The images below are of some familiar targets but I was pleased with the results.



The 45mm f 1.8 lens is super sharp, I loved the texture in this mic shot!



The 35-100 (70-200) is very crisp as ell and extremely small for a lens of that speed and focal length!  That’s a pretty relaxed squirrel.



The Pure gas pumps at the Original Kentucky Fried Chicken are a good sharpness test,  35-100.



Two of my favorite alley shots from downtown Corbin.



Lastly the Southern railway car “The French Broad River” is always good for smooth gradation tests.


I plan a family trip to Page AZ in early May, this will be my  only sytem for that trip, we’ll see what I get!





the pilgrim



Bonus image: inside my house, I love the L Monochrome film simulation mocks the Leica Monochrome look, thus L (for Leica)!

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  1. Carl says:

    All my friends used to shoot Fuji (well most did anyhow). One by one they migrated to different camera systems over the last 2-3 years. I thought I was still in good company with my professional friend, Bill, still shooting Fuji exclusively. Then came this! Now, I stand alone in a dessert place with all my close friends having left me. My spirit is weak. Help me Lord!

  2. Oh my brother, I feel your pain! Think about something else…… will pass, and for the t record, my main system is all still Fujifilm X System gear…… quite a lot of it. In fact!!!!!

    • admin says:

      I’ve had several emails asking when I switched from Fujifilm!!!!!! I haven’t, I just wanted something small and light to play around with I’m still a dyed in the wool Fujifilm shooter!!!