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I recently picked up a new camera to use when I wanted to go very light, I considered the new Fujifilm X100VI but the availability, even to X-Photographers, is just crazy!  I’m 78 years old I don’t have months to wait on gear!


So after a lot of research I settled on the Lumix GX85, a Micro 4/3rds sensor rangefinder styled compact camera.  I’ve been trying it out and the jury is still out on whether I will keep it or not!  It is well made and the included lenses, though pretty plasticky, are sharp and work well.  I’ve posted some images that, I think you will agree, are good and sharp and the color is also excellent.



The rear LCD is bright, clear and the touch screen functions wonderfully! The viewfinder is another story, though useable, it is fr from impressive!  It alone might be why I would not keep the camera.  I have been surprised at how good the noise is all the way out to 6400, and that is a big plus!  Lumix makes a number of good fast glass that will make it good for available light work, except for that viewfinder!  This camera was introduced in 2016 so it is a little long in the tooth, but still currently available widely!


I have the Olympus 12-40 Pro f 2.8 (Equiv. 24-80) zoom coming, so how it mates with this camera may be the deciding factor on whether it stays or goes!



I truly love the L Monocrhome film simulation and would almost keep it for, just that alone, it is the perfect combination of contrast and dynamic range to do truly beautiful monochrome shots!  As you can see above!



Colors are rich and saturated and the sensor though only 16 mega pixels is very sharp not having a non aliasing filter.



All in all I’m quite taken with this little camera, it’s fun to shoot and I think I can learn to live with the less than outstanding viewfinder!  It will all come down to how the 12-40 works out!



The camera is a bargain at around $650. and comes with a plastic, though very sharp, 12-32 f 3.5 – 5. (Equiv. 24-64) and a 45-150 f 4-5.6 (Equiv. 90-300) also the later being the  lens used for most of the images above.  Mated with a high quality, metal lens, I might just be smitten, time will tell!






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  1. Eric Wojtkun says:

    The sensor does pretty well. I still have a G85 and it served me well since 2017…and is still in the rack even if the G9 and G9II are my go to Pany bodies right now. I have the Pany 20mm, the Oly 45mm 1.7 and used to have the 60mm Zukio macro…oh my all three did me well and have never let me down.

  2. They both make good glass, I’m not a video shooter, but the Lumix are great for that !