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I’m still basking in the glow of the workshop.  Please, let me share something i think is profound with you!  A month or so before we left for the Red rock Adventure a good friend and I had lunch and we had a very interesting conversation.  He is a good man and he is always trying to watch out for his friends and his advise is offered in the best of intentions.  Here is a replay of our conversation;


The friend;   “Do you think that making faith and photography partners in the workshops is a good idea?”


The pilgrim;  ” I do.  I think that since my daily walk is deeply rooted in my faith, I can’t see doing anything that is not closely tied to that faith.”


The friend;  “But think of all the people that it will eliminate from wanting to attend!”


The pilgrim:  “Anyone is welcome, i just want to be sure they know that the spiritual aspect is very, very evident, I wouldn’t want someone to be caught by surprise.”


The friend;  “You do know some people will choose not to come when they learn what the workshops are all about?”


The pilgrim;  “I’m sure that is true, but Christians that want to have fun making images and learning shouldn’t have no place to go that is not in keeping with their faith.  We are providing that.”


The friend;  “Long term,  as a business model, do you think this can work?”


the pilgrim:  “That’s not my concern, it’s His!  I’m to be obedient to what I believe He has instructed me to do, and I trust Him with the outcome, both as a business, and as a mission.  It all belongs to Him, and it’s success or failure is totally in His power.  I will accept His will, just as I accept it day to day, in my life”


The friend; “So you’re going to do this anyway?”


The pilgrim; “Until God tells me to stop!”


The results of our obedience at this last workshop were exciting beyond anyone’s imagination.  God has honored our committment to be obedient to Him. I’ve learned one incredibly valuable lesson, when God calls and ask us to do anything for Him, there is only one acceptable and wise answer, “Yes Sir!”


Charge on………


the pilgrim