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One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is inspiration!  My good friend Sam Garcia at Nikon sends out an email from time to time that he calls his “Snap of the Day”.   A couple of days ago it was an image of a water droplet in his kitchen sink.  It was wonderfully done, and it “inspired” , me to try a little kitchen sink work of my own.  This is a really simple shot.  I used a Plamp, (yes it really is spelled that way!), to hold a sliver of ice with a piece of blue construction paper behind it.  The light was window light and some back lighting from a small LED panel.  The hard part is timing the shot to catch the droplet just before it falls.  You wouldn’t believe how many shots it takes to catch one!


Truthfully Sam’s was better, but hey I’m still a student!  As a photographer you need to seek all the inspiration you can, and you will find the best from those that do our craft as well as Sam does!


Be blessed.,


the pilgrim


Photo Note:  Shot with the Nikon D600 and 200mm Micro Nikkor f 4.  f 8 at 1/360th of a second. Amazingly, the ISO is set at 6400!  The nice thing about the new Hi Res cameras is you can do a little noise reduction and still get tack sharp results.