Fujifilm X-T2 Event – Seattle

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Photograph by Jack Graham


Hey guys, I’m in Seattle where Fujifilm held their Grand West Coast Release of the Fuji X-T2 last night!  I was honored to be one of four speakers along with Jack Graham, Dan Bailey, and Omar Robie.  We had a great time and saw a lot of our old friends from Seattle and of course the Fujifilm team!  It was a very nice evening!  The photo press and guests really were excited about the X-T2!


In the second image above, X-Photographers,  left to right, the pilgrim, Dan Bailey, Jack Graham, Geoff Hinze of Fujifilm.  It was great to meet Dan, who will be with us in the Great Smokies for the Summit in October.  Of course it is always great to be with Jack and Geoff!!


Tomorrow it’s back to Nashville for our big event there.  Today I will be visiting with the great folks and customers at Glazier’s Camera in Seattle for a Q&A session the X-T2.




the pilgrim


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  1. Don DeLong says:

    Lavish parties, exotic locations, beautiful women, fame and fortune. Ahhh to be a Fuji X photographer!

  2. Donna M. says:

    I hope you have a lovely time in Nashville next week! Please tell Ricky that I said hi and I’m doing well. I just got the 100-400mm lens as a birthday present to myself. And I’m anxiously awaiting purchase of the X-T2, once it is available. After I get some practice with those two new “toys,” then I will seriously consider selling all of my Nikon gear. Gulp!

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