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My trip down to Henderson, Kentucky was a real joy!!  The Henderson Camera Club folks were fantastic and getting to be with my dear friend Chuck Summers was a joy as well!  I spoke Friday night a couple of times Saturday and Sunday morning.  On Saturday morning went out to the slough, much like a swamp and chased down tree frogs!!!  The wind was blowing pretty hard but it would lull just long enough to get off a shot or two and I was thrilled with my take, well 10% of it when he wind settled down!


It as my first chance to give the new  200mm Micro Nikkor manual focus lens a field test.  I had forgotten just how shallow the depth is with such a long micro lens, but it performed admirably!!I can’t wait to go our and find some other macro subject this fall!


Thanks very much to my new photo friends in Henderson and of course to Bonita and Chuck Summers for inviting me and hosting me!




the pilgrim

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  1. Lynn Rogers says:

    Beautiful image, Bill. Tree frogs are on my photo bucket list.

  2. Lynn Rogers says:

    I was just reading about the Fuji Medium Format camera announcement at Photokina and couldn’t help but notice they’ll be releasing a 120mm macro f4 lens with it. Ugh! Now we know what happened to the macro lens for our cameras. That’s really disappointing.

  3. As an Army vet I am particularly impressed at the ability to improvise and make it work!

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