She said; “It’s You or the Bags!” Garage Sale!!!!

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O.K. I like being married and living at home and winter is coming!!!!!  So here goes I have way too many camera bags, backpacks, and rolling bags, so this is how it will work, first come first serve, email me to hold your bag and then call me wilth a credit card, I will ship it ot you 2 Day Priority!


Let the fun begin!



Thanks for saving me from sleeping in the woods!!!


Looking for anything in particular, probably have it,  and would probably sell it!!!!

Watch for more sales, we are just getting started cleaning out the photo storage room!!!!!




thge pilgrim

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  1. Mike E says:

    wow!! you do have too many bags 🙂

  2. I would take the Lowero Commercial AW bag. Let me know and I’ll send you a check.

  3. Ken Lutes says:

    Bill is the lower stealth bag still available
    Or the Lowepro commercial aw bag.
    Thanks Ken

  4. Kevin Fitzsimons says:

    I would buy the Think Tank Speed Racer if it’s still available. Do you want a check, credit card or Paypal? PP would take a few extra days. Thanks for the great prices on the bags.

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