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On the news this morning there was a story about 20 University of Virginia students that have signed a petiiton to cancel Christmas!!??  O.K. let’s think about that.  What if we actually did cancel Christmas, not the celebration, but the actual event!!!  What would the result of that be?


We would all be sinners with no hope of escaping the penalty of eternal death, since there would never have been a Savior born to die for us, and offer us forgiveness for our sins!


Every December families would not gather to be together and celebrate the holiday, that didn’t exist.  December 25th would be just another cold winter’s day.


Can you imagine what a pagan holiday New Year’s Eve would have become, it’s bad enough now, imagine a world without hope!  (yes Michelle O.,
“that” really is a world without hope!!!)


Well snowflakes, I hope your parents, getting wind of this, will return your presents and not fix wonderful meals for you, and take down the Christmas Tree and  be surprised when you show up at home this week for “Christmas” break!


Maybe the University should just continue classes through December and into the spring, with no break!


I was young once, and I was stupid too, but eventually I grew up, and I pray the same for them!  Merry Christmas Cavaliers!  Seriously can we stop this madness!?




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  1. David W says:

    Since reading this several days ago, I’ve been in disbelief that anyone would seriously propose such a ludicrous thing. I’ve wondered if it was a prank or experiment to see how the community would respond.

    We seen efforts to erase religions (including Christianity) over centuries. They all failed. This proposal, if serious, will meet the same fate.

  2. Joshua Boldt says:

    snowflakes – lol

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