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You’re never too old to be a child again!  This is Chester, my new American Golden Retriever puppy, sorta, kinda!  Actually, Chester hasn’t been conceived yet, and I hope it’s happening soon!  I have two breeders that are expecting puppies by mid to late November and I’m going to bring an 8 week old male puppy home with me then from one of those litters, then Chester will be a reality.  I’ve wanted a Golden for years!  My son Wesley had two and I loved both of them dearly and of course the legendary Roscoe, Jack Graham’s buddy for years, (we lost him a few weeks ago to hip displacia)!  Oh how I loved Roscoe, and I truly believe he loved me too, but then Golden’s love everybody so I probably should not be so confident about that!


Anticiapation is a great thing!  I have been getting ready, I have a puppy bed, crate, feeding bowls, chew toys, pull toys, collars and leashes.  Dog shampoo, flea collars, nail clippers, stuffed toys, doggy tennis balls, etc. etc!  I’ve watched a bunch of of dog training videos and cute Golden Retriever puppy, youtube videos.  It is safe to say that I’m excited.


Chester, why Chester?  A number of years ago I saw a film that had become one of my favorites, The Kid, a Disney film starring Bruce Willis. It was a comedic and serious role for him and, I think, one of his best roles! A Golden Retriever named Chester was a big part of that film and that added to my desire to have one as my friend.


Why not before now?  Well, Sherelene is working full time as a nurse practioner, and as you guys know I have  traveled a lot most of my career. Sherelene’s deal with me was that when I started to really slow down, we would be ready for a dog.  Next year I’m only doing 7 events with Jack and I have all this winter off, until March, so there is time to give Chester all the time and attention a puppy needs to adjust and get trained.  So this is the right time!  Can’t wait!



I will blog photos and videos when the blessed event happens!




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  1. Jon says:

    I don’t know if anyone else mentioned this yet, but your web site is being reported by Google Chrome as being a site that has phishing, so Chrome gives you an all red screen with the following warning (I’m using Firefox for this session):
    “Deceptive site ahead
    Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards).
    Google Safe Browsing recently detected phishing on Phishing sites pretend to be other websites to trick you.”

    So, I was afraid to proceed on Chrome even though I thought the site is ok, but I wanted to let you know about that just in case. Curious if anyone else sees this?

    • Bill Fortney says:

      Thanks, I have been working on this, but I’m afraid, like many other Christian, conservative sites, we are being singled out and an attempt to slow traffic to our sites is a deliberate act. I don’t like it, but doubt Google cares what I think. Welcome to America today where opposing political or religious opinions are banned!

      • Jon says:

        I wasn’t going to mentioned if they were targeting you or not based on your content, but since you mentioned it…maybe they are. Just curious…is this a blogspot hosted site (a google owned company). I’m not even sure if blogger/blogspot is even around anymore but the format of the site reminded me of a blogspot type of site.

  2. I got the same message but it was related to potential phishing vs. content. Worse, it did not give me an option to bypass/ignore so I had to go to Safari or Internet Explorer.

    What if Chester is a she????????

  3. Robert Weiss says:

    I’m biased as I’ve had 5 Goldens. They are just the best. Our house is not a home without a Golden in it. In addition, they are just great “models” for photos. Enjoy!

  4. chuck barnes says:

    proud for you Bill. Chester and you will be great together !

  5. Rodney McKnight says:

    One of God’s greatest blessings to us Bill! Can’t wait to follow Chester’s life with photos and tales of adventures!!

  6. David W. says:

    I see a new photography opportunity in your future, dog portraits. I think you and Chester will be a happy pair. I expect we’ll see you and Chester at a workshop or two before very long.

  7. Mike E says:

    Bill, my most sincere congrats on this step …. Susan and I have had dogs are entire married life (52 years) and they have brought us an incredible amount of joy and comfort…. as I am sure many folks have told you, you are in for an incredible time … you’ll get to run the entire range of emotions with Chester which is a very good thing as far I as am concerned … so enjoy all of it!!

  8. Bill Fortney says:

    Same way I feel about our friendship!

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