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I’ve started reading a book that I can see is going to be life changing, Catherine Martin’s, Knowing & Loving the Bible. I met Catherine through this blog, and had the pleasure of having her and her husband David at the most recent His Light Workshop.  They are great people and I really enjoyed getting to know them better!  Catherine was kind enough to send me a selection of her books, and she has a number of best selling ones!  This book is a real adventure in delving into the Bible and gaining the most possible from that love letter to us from our Heavenly Father.


The book promises to do the following things for the reader;


(1.) Revitalize your quiet time as you discover interactive devotional Bible studies.


(2.) Refresh your passion for Christ through exciting quiet times with God.


(3.) Realize the Bibles reliabilituy as the truth, authority for your belief, and secure foundation for your life.


(4.) Renew your mission as God’s Word works in your own life and through you, touch others.


I can assure you, as I’m a few chapters in, that this book will fulfill it’s promises and much more.  I do daily devotionals, and read my Bible, but this study will help me delve much deeper into God’s Word!


You can learn more about Catherine’s ministry and buy books at the web address below;




One of God’s greatest gifts to us is His Word, the Bible, His love letter to us.  Nothing can strengthen you, and prepare you for life like time spent reading and studying His message.


Thanks you Catherine for your ministry and for sharing these words of wisdom with us!


Be Blessed, & Merry Christmas #2,


the pilgrim





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  1. Lynn says:

    I have Catherine’s book Set My Heart On Fire which I look forward to starting January 1. It gives me something to really look forward to after the kids and grandkids have all returned to their respective homes.

  2. Carl says:

    She is a real Blessing to the Christian community! A breath of fresh air that only comes with hours being with the Lord! A beautiful heart…a joy to meet!

  3. Bill, I’m humbled by your words and so thankful for you! David and I loved our Red Rock Adventure with you and so many incredible people who have now become friends. And of course, knowing and loving the Bible is an adventure – I call it the “great adventure of knowing God!” Blessings to you this Christmas, Catherine

    • admin says:

      Got your Calendar today! Wow, you did great! Give me a call so I can brag on you some more, Merry Christmas!

      • I am so glad you received it – I had so much fun creating it with a few of the thousands of photos we took out there in all those amazing places. Bill, you’re the best!! It will be exciting to see what the Lord does in the future!!

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