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As a photographer I’m really into texture.


texture |ˈteksCHər|nou

the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance: skin texture and tone | the cheese is firm in texture |the different colors and textures of bark.•

the character or appearance of a textile fabric asdetermined by the arrangement and thickness of its threads: a dark shirt of rough texture.• 

Art the tactile quality of the surface of a work of art.• the quality created by the combination of the different elements in a work of music or literature: a closely knit symphonic texture.


I love to see and then try and capture the consistency or inconsistency of a surface.  A very smooth glossy surface can give us the opportunity to show the gradation of tones, and a rusty surface can help us capture the feel of that rough texture!   One of the great joys of the art and craft of making photographs is trying to capture those distinct visual moods.  To capture it you have to be aware of it and to be aware you have to look more deeply into the nature of surfaces.


The surface is the most outer layer.  You can’t see below that surface.  People are that way too, what you think you may see on the surface may not be what lies underneath.  While capturing surface images works for making a photograph, we must dive well below the surface with people, if we hope to have a great relationship with them.  That is vital because what God wants us to have is relationships, sharing and being a part of each others lives.  Photography is easy, life is hard, but wit God all things are possible.




the pilgrim


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  1. David Warren says:

    Good stuff Bill.

  2. Susan in Columbus says:

    Delicious food for thought on both levels, with a delectable photo for dessert!

  3. the pilgrim says:

    Thanks, was great to see you out west, when I could stay awake!!

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