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Image by Richard Siggins


I got in this evening after a great visit with an old friend, Mark Boris, formerly of Kodak.  We shared a few hours catching up and it was great to see him again.  He is a great shooter and I hope to stay in closer touch.  Here is a link to his wonderful book:

I think his website is under construction, but google his name and you will see some wonderful images!!!


When I got in this evening I checked my email and got one that really meant a lot to me.  Now please don’t take this as self serving, but I wanted to share this nice note with my answer in red type.  Please know, all of you, and there are many, that send me kind emails and encouraging words, how much I appreciate it!  It’s all Him, and to His glory, but the kind words are nice to hear!



My goodness, I feel like I know you now.  I hope you consider that a very high compliment, because I intend that as a tribute to your teaching style.

Larry, I’m honored and I appreciate those kind words.

I have just finished watching the trilogy of Kelby Training programs you’ve done, besides the first one I watched, when you and Matt were doing the “gear” episodes.

Anyway, from the first time I began researching you and I came across the Pilgrims Chronicles, my heart began to sing!  Then, as I continued to watch you…like when you were in that freezing temp in the Smokies and your close up episodes, I could see God’s hand working through your life, reaching out to touch us viewers.  Again, thanks Larry, I am fully committed to serving God in every area of my life, so it is just natural that in my love for photography I want Him to be at the center of it all!

I don’t think I’ve ever really told anybody this, but when I first became interested in photography back in about 1970 or so, I found that the activity gave me a special way to glorify God’s creations.  My having grown up on a Jersey dairy farm in Starkville, MS (home of Miss. State University), reared by the finest Christian parents anyone could have had, I had innumerable opportunities to witness God’s handiwork in nature…from helping a cow “birth” a calf, to watching plants grow in the pasture, to understanding how bees were really our helpers by pollinating the flowers, and on and on and on.  You’ve certainly experienced some great “God Moments”, yourself!

There are so many emotions and thoughts racing through my mind, but this message is really not about me.  I want to commend you for being so bold with your faith!  We surely need more people to show, in a gentle, loving way, the love of God through their lives.  You exemplify that to perfection…at least, from my perspective.  That is truly my goal, not to judge anyone, but to introduce them to my loving Savior!

God willing, I shall be fortunate enough to meet you someday.  If not hear, than surely in Heaven.  I hope we can do both!!

I am 64 years young, so I’m old enough now to find great joy in helping to teach young people about the joy of photography (I was a junior high Industrial Arts (some called it “shop”) teacher, then middle school principal, and then retired from having taught at Miss. State).  I love the idea of “passing it on.”  And, even better, I shoot with Nikon gear.  My current camera is a D80 that I bought from a friend about 4 years ago…and I’ve decided not to move up to a more robust camera until I learn this camera so well that I can shoot it in my sleep!

OK, enough from me.  I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring teaching and for holding up your faith so others can see.  May God richly bless all your efforts now and into eternity.  Larry, He has richly blessed me and blessed me even more when wonderful people like yourself take their valuable time to share these thoughts!

P.S.  If you’re on Google +, I’d love to ask you to consider being a guest sometime on one of my Google+ hangouts that I host for “Apple Photo Educators” (those people who are Apple Distinguished Educators and who teach some form of photography in their schools).  Count on it!!!!



Dr. Larry S. Anderson


Larry,  thanks again, and thanks to all of you that lift me up in prayer, I can feel them!


the pilgrim

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Well I’m finally off the road and in for the night!  Started at 7:00 a.m. in Corbin, Kentucky and arrived in St. Augustine at around 6:00 p.m. around 700 miles.  Not a bad day at all, I once drove 1,100 miles in a single day!!  I was much younger and a good deal more foolish!  I love being on the road, and I hate being on the road.  The good part of today was a full day in the car alone to just think, the best part was seeing my family in Florida when I stopped for the night, another 8 hours of driving tomorrow!  The worst part was that with every mile that rolled up on the odometer, I was another mile further away from Sherelene, my bride!


Working at what I do means travel, and travel means being away from family, and being alone, but then even in the alone times God can teach me, and get my full attention!  Even travel days lead to photographic opportunities, here are some of my favorite images of the day!



Dinner with my family after a long day!  Front, Hannah, Ramona, and Ben, my two grandchildren and their foreign exchange student, and now part of our family!  Back, Diane and Scott Fortney, my oldest son and his wife, my daughter-in-law, more like a real daughter!  I’m really proud of my son, he is a wonderful father, husband and man.  A miracle considering that I helped rear him!  It shows Sherelene’s parenting powers, and God’s grace…….



I call this one “Beautiful Hands….”  It’s actually a self portrait done by my granddaughter Hannah, she is a very talented young lady!  One of her many talents is a great eye!


I did a rest stop at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum, (I always rest stop there!), shot this nose art that was new, pretty cool!


Before I left home I saw this old garage scene on a local road, and stopped to do a quick HDR with my iPhone!


I promise more as the week goes on, thanks for your prayers, I’m this far safely, don’t stop!!


In Him,


the pilgrim

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I need to apologize, I have been a sports junkie, and i’m ashamed of my self, I’m also ashamed of sports!  Sports were designed to be a pleasant past time that we could enjoy and take our minds off the more serious things in life like working and raising families! With every passing decade sports has become a bigger and bigger business.  In the U.S. alone we have ESPN, Fox Sports, ABC Sports, CBS Sports, and now NBC has started a 24 hour sports channel.  And what is the result of all this?  When you have to talk about sports 24 hours a day 365 days a year, you quickly, very quickly, run out of relevant things to report on.  So, you start to obsesses over the irrelevant ad-nauseam.  The latest major 24 hour news cycle sport story has been the Peyton Manning, next team up story.


Here is the quick rundown for those that don’t know or care (God bless you for not caring)!  Peyton Manning was and All American quarterback from Tennessee who went to the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL.   He has had a stellar career having been MVP, (most valuable player), several times.   Many consider him among the two or three greatest quarterbacks of all time in the NFL.  By all accounts he is a good guy, family man, respected by his peers both on and off the field. Last season for the first time in his career he missed an entire season due to injury and surgeries to repair his neck.  In  his absence the Colts collapsed into the worst team in the NFL.  The Colts, having so much respect for him, and all he had done for the team over the past decade, said that he was their man and they would stick by him!  Nope, remember this in 21st century professional sports, they dumped him for the latest, greatest kid out of college.  The big story of the off season has been where would he go??!!  As he shopped his talents around to a number of other teams, at the thought of getting as QB of this level of talent fell all over themselves trying to entice him to join their teams, at the same time sending the message to their current (formerly loved QBs), you are yesterday news. Now every team that pursued him, but didn’t get him, have to explain to their remaining quarterbacks that they still want them and think they can win with them, even though they wanted the Peyton badly!!!!


I’m sick of it, 24 hours a day trashing players that ere yesterday’s heros, criticizing every decision, second guessing everyone’s value.  Nitpicking every players personality, all the while,  everyone in the business is making high six figure incomes.  It just makes me sick to my stomach.  I know sports was never as pure as the driven snow, but it once was something we took a lot less seriously.  I was talking with my brother Homer at the Old Car City workshop a couple of weekends ago about this very subject, we have both been big University of Kentucky fans for years, and our beloved Wildcats are advancing through the NCAA tournament with ease, we agree though, that even though we would love to see them win it all, we will be fine the day after our first loss. In the big picture,  it’s just not that important.  (I will be hunted to the death now by fellow Kentucky fans for even breathing such harassey!)


The movie that I talked about a few posts back, 7 Days in Utopia, puts it all in perspective.  I guess it’s not too surprising that ESPN has not raved about that film!!  It’s kind of the anti-ESPN film!  Look, I admit to being a sports addict, but I’m going to try and get some help, I’m going to try and remember that no matter what others make it, it’s just going to be recreational for me, I’m going to care about who wins every game,  about as much as I care whether it’s sunny tomorrow.  I wish Peyton Manning all the best, and I hope the teams that trashed their current quarterbacks can make amends and work things out with them.  I can’t really hope that the Indianapolis Colts have great success with their new draft choice,  after they dropped Peyton like a hot potato.  The bottom line is this, it’s just as game!


Maybe we should be thinking more about Eternal Trophies!!!!!!


game 1 |gām|noun1 a form of play or sport, esp. a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.



the pilgrim



Definition of the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NCAA, NHL, and all other sports organizations;   a place where years of exceptional performance are rewarded with near total amnesia when the next great player or team comes along…….  Interestingly enough the image above is of Donovan McNabb long time great player for the Philadelphia Eagles, once consider one of the NFL greats traded to the Washington Redskins when he failed to take the Eagles to the Super Bowl, he was cut after one season with the Redskin.  The Eagles, by the way, signed Michael Vic to a record breaking contract  only to see him have a performance melt down the following season.  See any patterns here?!


Note:  I will be leaving at O:Dark Thirty headed out on a three week swing through the south.  Florida Camera Council, then Sun n’ Fun air show, and finally the Masters Golf Tournament.  I will continue to post, but some posts may be in the evenings after long travel days!



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As we approach Easter you will see many illustrations of the cross.  The cross is the central focal point of the life of Christ, it was that final great sacrifice that gives us such hope.  My pastor, Tim Thompson, delivered a wonderful sermon yesterday about the power of the cross, it was well worth sharing with you.


The power of the cross;


1.  Can Save a man.  If we believe and accept Christ Jesus, we can be saved from our sin.  We can have the promise of eternal life with Him.  He took on Himself the punishment for our sin, we can be free at last.


2.  It can Change a man. We can me totally changed by the salvation that comes through Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection for us.


3.  It can give a man Purpose.  When we accept His death for us, we can be renewed in our purpose for living.  Fully restored to Him we can have a higher purpose in living, one not based on satisfying self, but honoring and serving Him.


4.  It can give a man a Destiny.  Having a destiny is greater by far than just living out your life.  It is a defined, guaranteed, purpose.


The Cross of Christ splits the world into something, pitiful or powerful,  something of foolishness or of salvation. It is your decision to make, will your life lead to purpose and destiny or loss and hopelessness?  You don’t have to be locked out of His blessings!


the pilgrim