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On my way to Atlanta for the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar today I stopped to visit a photographer friend, Casey Malone, near Adairsville, GA and he treated me to a visual experience!  We visited Berry College, which will most certainly be a location for a future workshop, maybe a Spiritual Bootcamp location.  This is one phenomenal college campus!!!  This campus had humble beginnings when a remarkable woman, Martha McChesney Berry was born in 1865.  The daughter of Captain Thomas Berry a Civil War veteran and Rome, Georgia cotton broker, and Frances Rhea Berry.  Miss Berry left the beauty of her childhood home, Oak Hill, stepping out on a plank of faith and opening the famous Gate of Opportunity School for thousands of young men and women over the years.  Martha Berry devoted her life to the Berry Schools which evolved into today’s Berry College.  She had a vision of her vast undertaking and a gift for inspiring others to help her.  She demanded labor from the reluctant, charmed speeches from the shy, drew praises from the cynical, and attracted major gifts from the nations leaders; Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Charles Dana and many others.  Her portrait now hangs in Georgia’s capital, and she is regarded as one of the outstanding women in Georgia history.


The historic and beautiful campus is a testament to her mission to educate the mountain children of Georgia and bring her faith to them. I want to thank Casey again for introducing me to such a wonderful experience and place!  I hope you enjoy some of the graphics pulled from a day at Berry!


Above a small portion of the vast building donated to Berry by Henry Ford.  The story is told of an trip Miss Berry made to ask Henry Ford for assistance, he gave her a dime and she used it to buy a bag of peanuts, which she planted and harvested a $400. crop, when she wrote him and thanked him for the donation he reportedly went to see what this remarkable woman was doing, he then funded a major building project that resulted in the Ford Buildings.  the door way to the right is but one of the gorgeous entrances to the vast building project.


As I walked and drove around the campus, it is the largest by area and square miles of any college in the world!  I saw many graphic images and had a ball capturing those that appealed to me.


This will provide a wonderful place to worship and photograph among friends next fall.




From simple to sublime, this is a wonderful place, that got it’s start because of one woman’s desire to serve God and her fellow man!


Should we all be so inspired.




the pilgrim

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* Note:  I posted yesterday, even read it a couple of times, found some mistakes and went back in to correct them, next thing I knew it had disappeared??!!  Not sure what happened, and I’m a tech rep????!!!


So here it goes, again.


What I wrote yesterday was that while spending time with family over the Thanksgiving weekend I had multiple reason to count my blessings, but I decided to wait until the house grew quiet again to put my thoughts down.  I’m glad I did as God has used this time to help me see even more clearly just how amazing His blessings are in my life, and the lives of those I love.


Let me start by saying that I would serve God even if He struck me down, thankfully, He has lifted me up!!!  Over years of walking with Him I’ve come to see the truth of His word when it says, ” Seek first the Kingdom of God and He will meet all your needs, —even the desires of your heart.”


Over the last four days I’ve realized more than ever just how much I love my family, and how much I have missed them all these years I’ve spent out on the road.  After a great holiday weekend with all our children,their spouses and our six grandchildren, Sherelene and I gathered with them in our kitchen as everyone was preparing to leave for their respective homes.  Abigail, my youngest grandchild, requested a family hug, a Fortney tradition when we gather, and then, have to part.  Right after several big hugs, two of my grandchildren broke into irresolvable tears.  They were so heart broken to see their cousins leave and it struck me deeply, just how important family them and myself!


Yesterday Jim Begley came by so we could review the Red Rock Workshops and discuss future plans.  We both agreed that God has done something beyond even our wildest hopes with His Light.  This last workshop was not only an incredible photography adventure, in fantastic locations in perfect conditions, it was the best deep fellowship we’ve yet experienced and we both know that God is only getting started!  We are more committed than ever to continue the mission!


God reminded me once again that while I might be tempted to plan my future, He already is holding it in His hands!


I know we set the fourth Thursday in November aside to be thankful, but I’ve been so blessed that I could never limit my giving thanks to one day!  All praises and honor to Him!




the pilgrim


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This morning while visiting some of my favorite blogs I came upon a before unnoticed posting on John “Snake” Barrett’s website of images from our workshop two weeks ago, out west.  I spent at least a half hour enjoying the images sent in from all our team and attendees of other people having fun.  I can’t tell you how great it made me feel to see just what a good time everyone was having!!!  As the co- leaders, Jim and I are often carrying the burden of keeping track of everyone, not loosing a car, or preventing not getting on site “after” the perfect light.   It robs some of the joy, feeling all the responsibility for keeping everyone else on track.  I’ve committed  to try and deal with that better, when I saw just how much fun everyone else was having!!!  I wanted to share of my favorite images which I would credit, but I have no idea who turned them in, so you can just enjoying them like I did, not knowing, but appreciating not only the images, but what they show!!.  On thing is for sure, cameras and lenses, tripods, heads, and accessories are a lot of fun, but this is the real joy of photography, the fellowship!!


So, as you can see, it was pretty magical just being out there together, shooting and having fun, if you’ve never made it to a His Light event, come join the fun, and God Bless.




the pilgrim


To whom ever shot these images, thanks a million it brought back great memories!



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Just a quick note from the Fortney compound, we are enjoying a lot of fun, sharing our grandchildren, and loving on each other!  We wish all of you a great weekend, be safe!


Front row, Hannah Fortney, Rhonda Fortney, holding Abigail Fortney, Diane Fortney holding Cosmo, Sherelene Fortney, Catherine Moore, Cassidy Moore, and Cade Moore, Center bottom, Elijah Fortney, Back row, Wesley Fortney, Scott Fortney, Ben Fortney, the pilgrim, and Clint Moore.


The families are  Scott, Diane, Hannah,  Ben, and Cosmo.    Clint, Catherine, Cassidy, and Cade.    Wesley, Rhonda, Elijah, and Abigail.   Sherelene and Bill.  Thanks for letting introduce them all to you!


Blessings, and how!!


the pilgrim