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Sorry to post so late today, I’ve been preparing for a series of pro calls in Florida for the rest of the week. This is going to be short and sweet. For a day and half I got to be home with my bride, color in my life. In the morning I will fly down to Tampa and see several good clients who are also friends, more color. Last week, in spite of the tragedy at Reno, I was surrounded by friends who shared the pain with me, color.

God gives us people, people that matter to us in our lives, when the world becomes devoid of color, when things turn monochrome, it is those people that bring the color back. The people that come to my workshops and have become close friends, the people I teach with, the professional tech reps that work side by side with me, my grandchildren, and just friendly strangers we meet along the way, they are the color.

I thank God everyday that He never allows the shadows and darkness to linger for very long before He sends in a beautiful bouquet of color.

Thank You Father for caring so much for us…….

be blessed,

the pilgrim

I will blog from Florida for the rest of the week.

*Photo Note: Nikon D700, 200mm Micro Nikkor at f22, ISO 200.

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Yesterday morning as I was packing and getting ready for my trip to the airport to fly home I had the TV on in the background. I had seen way too many replays of the crash so I turned on ESPN to catch up on all the NFL games I would miss being in airplanes all day long. On The Sport Reporters, a popular Sunday morning ESPN show, one of the subjects discussed was the “Tebow Factor”. For any of you that are not sports fans or who have been living under a rock for the past half dozen years, Tim Tebow was the quarterback for the National Champion, Florida Gators and won the Heisman Trophy. Even his detractors have to admit that he was one of the greatest college football players of all time.

Why would I say detractors? Well, welcome to the world today. I’ve said many times that we live in a world of polar opposites, a world in which a major spiritual battle rages. Two opposing sides lineup in every area of life. God vs Satan. For anyone that doesn’t believe that these two opposing sides even exist, then Satan has already won the battle with you, he’s convinced you that he doesn’t even exist. What better battle plan could an enemy have than to make himself invisible. So back to Tebow. Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos last year high in draft, much higher than anyone thought he would go. The coach of the Broncos said he was the future of the franchise, he was fired before the season ended, by-the-way. The detractors, and there are many, went nuts. They have contended all along that Tebow is not the typical model for a successful quarterback in the NFL. They have insisted that he can’t cut it as an NFL quarterback. In his few opportunities to play, Tebow has done well. Is he young, and in need of some time to mature as an NFL quarterback? Absolutely, but he has proven that he can play at a much higher level than his critics have suggested he could.

That’s not the issue though. I believe that many of his harshest critics are actually opposed to his very open proclaiming of his faith. Tim Tebow has been, from day one, a staunch believer and
follower of Jesus Christ. His very open witness for his Saviour has not set well with the secular part of the sports world. Those opposed to faith, have wanted him to fail, and when he doesn’t, it drives them crazy. There are even websites like “I hate Tebow”. A comedian appeared in the ESPN story segement who’s one liner was, “If he’s not happy not starting maybe he should pray about it….” Trust me, it wasn’t meant in the way you would hope. The same guy said, “what if you’re gay or pro choice, how are you to react to what this guy spews.” They then played a taped segment of Tim sharing the results of believing or not believing, heaven or hell. Well Mr. I can’t even remember your name, I’ve got news for you, Tebow is not your enemy, he is only repeating what he been told. All of those things that drive the unsaved crazy came from God, not from man. Tim Tebow is not condemning anyone, in fact neither is God, man condemns himself when he refuses to believe. The world is looking for someone to blame, and they are not looking in the right direction. They need to look, at themselves, we are the source of most of our troubles.

I am finding myself living in a more frustrated state, it’s more than obvious, that the war is on. We were warned, to know that if we stand for Him, we will be opposed, and now the opposition is turning up the heat, but my Lord has already won the battle, my job is to simply be obedient. I pray for young men and women like Tim Tebow, that know they will bring the criticism of the world down on themselves, yet proclaim Him in spite of the cost. It really doesn’t matter whether Tim Tebow ever becomes a successful NFL quarterback, what does matter is that he stands for something far more important. Pray for him, and pray for everyone that accepts the chance of being criticized by standing up for Jesus. Don’t hate those that persecute you, pray for them, love them,and remind them that the man they love to despise, loved them. How could we do less, he did far more than stand up for us, He died on a cross for you and I.

In Him,

the pilgrim

*Photo Note: Image from Tim Tebow’s website

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It’s hard to put into words my
feelings as I prepare to go to the
airport to fly home. I sure
appreciate my family and friends
more, and I feel deep sympathy
for the victims of the horrific crash
on Friday.

I feel so bad for the great people
that work so hard to make Reno
a success, and are victims of
this tragedy. I feel the pain for
the crew members and pilots
that knew our lost friend in
this crash. Every pilot knows
when he or she goes into the air
that things can go wrong, and
that this could be the result.

I feel many of the television
media stumbled all over the
story, asking the wrong, or
inane questions. I feel sorry for
all the people that rushed out
to Reno to get face time during
this tragic event, when they had
little or nothing to do with the
event or the crash, and could
offer nothing that helped the situation. I feel anger at those that made all the wrong assumptions about the accident. The questions of the pilots age, his skill, or his ability, all made me sick. Jimmy Leeward was an exceptional pilot with the skills and sharpness of top gun pilot in his forties. The cause of the accident was a mechanical failure, pure and simple. Sadly, I burned the images and video of the crash from several photographers for the Reno Air Racing Association and the NTSB. I wish I could forget them. I saw clearly the broken trim tab that caused the plane to climb out of control. No pilot of any age or skill level could have done any more than Jimmy did. His immediate attempt to recover is probably why the plane did not fall straight into the grandstands holding thousands of race fans, making the tragedy even worse.

The suggestions being made to make the sport safer, are for the most part, non-sensical. Like moving the grandstand further back. When and airplane goes out of control at almost 500 mph, a few hundred feet or yards would be meaningless. The other ideas thrown out by people that know little or nothing about flying or racing, were equally silly.

Air Racing is a dangerous sport. Those that watch it and participate in it know that. The pilots, crews, and officials that run the race take every possible precaution to avoid this kind of tragedy.
The Reno Air Races were first run in 1964 and this is the first time anything of this magnitude has ever happened. Through the years their have been pilots and planes lost, but not anything like what occurred this year. I’m an aviator and a race fan, and I hope that this is not the end of
the Reno Air Races, however that is a decision that will be made by the media, the insurance companies, and the lawyers.

I can say one thing for certain, the Reno Air Races are run by some of the finest people I know and know one is more grieved about this tragedy than they are. Of they could have prevented this
crash, it would have never happened.

Please pray for the victims families and my family at the Reno Air Racing Association.

the pilgrim

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First, Big News – FLASH – my new Close-Up class Part I is posted @
Check it out.

Second we had
the pleasure of
having Richard
Small and his
wife Yuriko, join
Mike Anskat, and
myself for a
burger last
night. Great
folks and a great
burger, though
Milt’s or Fava’s
have nothing to
worry about.

Bill Pekala, Mike Anskat and I were back on the ramp for sunrise this morning and were blessed with clouds to pick up the sunrise light. Below are some of the better things I got this morning. The shots of hellcat are for Scott Diussa, who couldn’t make it because of his upcoming trip to New Zealand for a The Rugby World Finals.

The top three in this sequence are the Commemorative Air Force’s Hellcat. Top shot HDR Painterly
setting the other to photo realistic HDR processing. The last two are some of the F15’s on the ramp.

But the winner of the morning goes to Bill Pekala for his gorgeous shot of the Spartan Executive,
a 1937 vintage private aircraft, only 34 were made. This shot is simply stunning and I’ve already forgiven him for not yelling for me to come and get the shot too! I’m treating you to three versions.

On the heels of looking at these great images of Bill’s I’m reminded just how fortunate I am to
get to do what I do, with the people I get to do it with. You notice, I didn’t say how lucky I am.
Luck is not a factor. I’ve been blessed. Blessed with a great family, friends, and wonderful experiences. Most of all I’m blessed with a friend that has been so faithful, He has never let me down, He has always been there for me, and He went so far as to give His very life so that I might be forgiven for my countless sins, his name is Jesus. Thank You Lord for your infinite grace and
compassion on me……..


the pilgrim


Seems Mike Anskat also had a great round at bat, check out his incredible shots! Do I run with a fast crowd or what!!!!!

*Photo Note: D7000, 24-120, group shot with the P7100. Pekala’s shots D700 and the
28-300 AF-S VR lens. Mike Anskat – D3s 28-300 AFS VR