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What a great morning! First of all I didn’t have my mail delivered by a gopher, couldn’t resist. The light was great, the company was too, and we visited the Heritage Aircraft area on the field and the subject matter was truly wonderful. Lots of classic airplanes with shiny aluminum skin. I tried to spend more time this morning exploring the shapes and curves of the planes and using the light to draw attention to the textures, I hope you enjoy them. This is what a fun outing is suppose to be.

Yes, the flare was intentional. Below, HDR and Topaz Spicey.

Yes, Glamour glow, of course…. Above and below.

These subjects also really yield themselves well for Black and White, all the images below are conversions made in Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

And finally, my boss and friend, Bill Pekala below having a great time with the pilgrim…..

Father, thanks for making, making a living so much fun! Amen


the pilgrim

*Photo Note: D7000, 24-120 and 70-300. Photo of Bill and I, Mike Anskat, out terrific
repair tech and shooting buddy.

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What a difference a day makes, or rather,18 hours. Yesterday, as you recall, we went out to shoot in high noon light. This morning I drug my old carcass out of bed at 4:30 to be on the field when the sun was rising at 6:00 a.m. One of the racer/owners pulled out his Super Corsair, only one of two still flying, so we could shoot it in first light. When you consider that this is a million dollar +, airplane and the crew themselves pulled out the plane for us. Below are several shots of the Corsair.

The light did not last very long, but sure was sweet for the short time. One thing about being a photographer is that you will be up and at em’ a lot.

I wish my friend Scott Diussa could have been here, he loves Corsairs and this would have been a big thrill for him.

Speaking of thrills, my boss and friend Bill Pekala and I have had the rare opportunity to work together, and visit. Bill has been a life long friend and, for the last nine years, the head of the department I work for at Nikon. God blesses us in many ways, but one of the best is the great people you get to know, work with, and if you’re fortunate are honored to finally call friends, Bill definitely is high on that list for me. Don’t ever underestimate the value of friends. when all else looses it’s value they are God’s Gold Standard.


the pilgrim

*Photo Note: D7000, 24-120, polarizer, HDR.

Friends having fun……..

O.K. can’t stop, they pulled an antique fire truck out in front of the Media Center and I just couldn’t resist. All HDR 3 shots, D7000, 24-120 AF-S VR and polarizer.

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I got into Reno at 11:30 p.m., east coast time, so I was too killed to blog last night and then this morning it was straight to the airport and press center to get set up. About noon everything was finished and I had a few minute to walk around the tarmac. Now to make great images you need, a great subject, (no problem there), great light, (real problem there), and the right tools to work with, (did this stuff with the new P7100 – so no sweat), lastly you have to know how to approach that great subject, (you can be the judge of that?).

So here is the result of my walk around at noon.

O.K., the results may or may not be all that hot, but at least we know you can shoot under not so great light, and if you’re careful you can at least do passable stuff. From top to bottom; just happened to see the open toolbox and the wrenches and that shot alone made the walk around worthwhile. The next plane down is the Hawker Sea Fury, September Fury, owned and flown by Robert “Hoot” Gibson. The Sea Fury was a British WWII vintage fighter that came out too late to see much action in WWII, however got heavy use in he Korean conflict, having shot down a jet.
The next wonderful nose art is on Rod Lewis’ F7F Tiger Cat, this plane was formerly called the
“Big Boss Man” this translates to the “Boss Lady”.

Midnight Express is one of four T-6 Texans owned by Dennis Buehn. One of the favorites at the Races is the “Rare Bear” owned by Lewis Racing. The Rare Bear is a F8F Bearcat. Below that shot is a kiddy peddle version of the Rare Bear. Next is another Dennis Buehn T-6 Texan named Midnight Miss III, which I’ve had the great pleasure of flying in with Dennis a couple of years ago.

A stop for a cold pop led to the next attempt at art. I think the ice cold Pepsi was better than my shot. My next shot was inspired by an article by fellow tech rep Sam Garcia. Sam loves to shoot pavement and capture the textures and patterns. In his article on the Nikon website link below he showed a shot that caused me to stop in my tracks when I looked down while walking an saw this
drain grate. Like I’ve said many times, it doesn’t take much to entertain me. Tami Buehn’s, Dennis’
bride’s T-6 Texan, Midnight Rendezvous. Finally Wayne Cartwright’s T-6 Texan, Six Shooter 44.

When shooting under high contrast light, try to crop tight, and eliminate distractions that will really stand out, then go for rich colors that will benefit from the strong light. Also work hard at angles that eliminate as many hot reflections as possible.

In the morning I will be out for a sunrise and some, hopefully, great light. We will see the difference in tomorrows blog entry.

God bless,

the pilgrim

*Photo Note: All images made with the Nikon Coolpix P7100.

Black and White Conversion using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2.0.

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It is my understanding that my Close-up Class – Part 1 will go live on Kelby Training this week. In celebration I shot my pepper shaker in the kitchen this morning. When your sixty five this is what
amounts to a celebration. This Sunday I’m celebrating something far more meaningful, my Lord is
alive, and I have friends like you guys and gals. I’m still very touched by your outpouring of concern this last week, and I won’t forget it.

I will be flying out to Reno for the annual air races on Monday afternoon. For those of you that like airplanes this will be a good week for you, for the rest of you I will try to find other ways to show how to shoot at an event devoted to aviation. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year, I love the shooters I see out there, and you know how much I love airplanes. This will be my 6th trip to the races and I am going to challenge myself to find some new ways to approach a, now familiar subject.

Watch for this week for
the release of my new
class, I’m excited to
see how it turned out
myself, you never know
how it looks since your
on the lens end of the
video camera.

Stayed tuned and pray
that God will give me
some interesting missions
out in Reno. I’m always
excited about what He
will do when we tell Him we are ready to serve Him.

the pilgrim

Next entry, Tuesday of this week.

* Nikon D7000 – 85mm Micro Nikkor DX f 3.5 Top shot 3 exposure HDR in Photomatix Pro