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If you get out in the world you will see every possible philosophy about how to approach life!  I went down into Fort Lauderdale to try a place that was sup[posed to have a great burger, more on that later. What I did find was some interesting things in pseudo antique shop.


Life is not a gamble, and it’s not an exercise in you setting the rules.  Trust me on this, I’ve tried both and the end result is regret.  No, as much as I love John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, we don’t really find peace and fulfillment by pulling ourselves up by our own boot straps!  A walk with the Lord is an exercise in yielding, not leading.  The Lord wants us to do one thing, Trust Him!


It’s hard for us to let go of the control we “think” we have over our lives, but in the end we will learn that we never had that much control anyway!  Yes, it’s fun to pretend, but it’s best to just surrender your life to Him and know He is the one thing, you can trust!




the pilgrim




Photo Note:   Nikon Coolpix P7700.

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Got in to Fort Lauderdale, where the press is based for BCS Championship game, had time to pick up credentials, and do some study of the schedule of events.  Before i went out for dinner I went out on the balcony to see these two images.  A outside dinner had been set up and they had just lit the candles! Couldn’t pass it up and then adding some Glamour Glow!  The shot below was of some pretty spectacular beach art!  Both images with the D600 and the 70-300 AFS-VR lens.  I love shooting aerials even when an airplane is not involved!


I really enjoyed all the family time during the Christmas Season but now it’s back to work.  I will hope to shoot and share some interesting things in Florida.  God bless and thanks for joining me!


In Him,


the pilgrim


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One of the most valuable things we do at our His Light Workshops is the critiques sessions!  I’ve noticed that Thye have critiques days on The Grid, and the popularity is sell founded.  The best way to make better images is to know what keeps your images from being as successful as possible!  I just recently posted a series of images I shot at a couple of antique shops.  After looking at them carefully, I realized I would have had a number of suggestions on how they could have been better!  So since we hold no punches here, even it they land on my chin.  Here is a golden suggestion,do as I say not as I did!!!


One of the most important thing you can do to improve any image is get rid of distractions, things that draws the viewers eye away from the subject.  I am going to repost the images as they appeared the other day, and under each image will be the improved image.  Look close and see if you can see how each images was improved!!??  Every fix was done simply in Photoshop with either the burn tool, the clone stamp, or the healing brush tool.  No image took more than a minute to fix, I think you will agree that the little things matter.  See how much more focused the images are after a little cleaning up!



I know these are subtle differences, but you have to admit that getting bright areas out the frame, or darkening areas focuses the eye more in the subject.  Less is always more!  Below a front porch shot and then the image within the image!   Hope this gives you some food for thought!




Will be flying to Florida for BCS tomorrow, will keep you posted with my entries!




the pilgrim

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It is a part of the New Year to make resolutions, we all have made a 1,000, and broken 900 of them, so this year I’m “resolved to”….(like that?), make better resolutions!  I want to make resolutions that matter and don’t set me up for failure.


Here  is my list to start today:


1.  Get healthy.  Be more active, trim off some pounds, take better care of myself.  Rest more, (I love naps)!!!, and generally keep God’s temple in better repair so I can be a faithful servant for Him!


2. Make it a goal to brighten everyone’s day I come in contact with!  I generally do this,but I’ve noticed that sometimes I get my mind focused on other things, or get perturbed by something, and others don’t get my best!  I’m going to really try to be more aware of my outward projection of His love!


3. Learn something new everyday!  I am planning to read the Bible from front to back in a year, take some online classes from some of the folks I admire so much at Kelby Training, and work hard to improve my performance with various software programs I need to be better at using!


4. Spend more time on my knees.  I want to set more time aside to wait quietly and humbly before the Lord, and listen to His instructions, and then pray for the strength to accomplish the tasks He will give me!


5.  Love Sherelene the way Christ loved the church.  Listen to her, and study the ways I can make her life better.  Support her, cherish her, and help her be the woman God is calling her to be.


6.  I vow to never be too busy for any of the little ones in my life.  To stop what I’m doing, clear my mind, and listen to them, and hug them every day we are together!  I have few other more important duties!


7.  Strive for excellence in all I do.  I want this to be a year of great improvement in my relationship with God, my family, and all the other people that I care so much about.  I also want to take my photography and my photography teaching to the next level!


8.  I want to be more thankful.  I have so very much to be thankful for, I want to constantly remind myself of that, and live like a man that knows how blessed he truly is!!!


9.  Start producing the dozens of eBooks that are flying around in my head and want out!


10.  Remember my favorite quote everyday!   “I know to irrefutable facts, there is a God, and I’m not Him!”


Tomorrow a photography lesson, that I promise, will make you a much better shooter!!!!


Happy New Year!


the pilgrim


Yes, if I can do all that,  I’ll be that roaring bear!