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We are already at war!   Spiritual war. We have been from the moment we gave our hearts to Him!  In my prayer time the Lord has been impressing something on me that I feel compelled to share.  Here is what I’ve gotten from Him;


I want to challenge you to start to observe the world.  See what is in today’s movies, TV shows, music, what the networks are showing, reporting, and promoting.  What newspapers are printing, what is the world’s “in” stuff.  Look at what our elected officials have done, look at their behavior. look at how little concern they have for those that elected them!!!!  I could go on and on,  but I won’t.  Our world is almost hopelessly lost, I say almost because with God all things are possible, but things are bad folks! I have a shocking place to start!  Leave all of that to God, we must start with ourselves.


The number one thing we must guard against is being self-absorbed.  We live in a time that we truly need to be the salt of the world, we need to love others with His love, and reach out and help those that are lost.  In the difficult times that lie ahead people will be looking for answers, we have “the” answer, Him!  No one is going to want to ask us for help if we are so absorbed in our own lives, own desires, and our own welfare that we can’t reach out to others.  As believers, it is time we grow up, and face the reality that we will fail in serving Him if we don’t let go of self, and start living and looking outward. We are past the time that we can live selfishly!  I know this is harsh, but the reality of our world today is harsh.  This was a message for me!  I may be wrong to share it, but I just suspect we all need to pray about where God would have us to be in the days to come!  Make no mistake about it, Our world has gone far astray, and a time of correction is coming on all fronts!   Will we be prepared to do His will when those times come?  I have opened my heart to His voice, and will be waiting on Him, I pray you will do the same.


I wish today’s blog was more cheerful, but I know His voice,  and I believe this is truly from Him. I believe He is giving us a chance to prepare our hearts.


Please pray, and check me on this!!!!


Always seek Him with all your hearts,


the pilgrim

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I was in Nashville yesterday and will be again today.  I’m continuing the farewell tour.  Lots of Nikon customers that i need to thank, and say goodbye to, at least in my role as the Nikon Tech Rep for NPS for the Southern U.S.  I love Nashville, it’s one of my very favorite ports of call.  There is a lot to love about Nashville, but two things stand out, Nick and Ricky!  Nicky Coury, wonderful photographer and one of the great gang at Durys’ Camera, and Ricky Skaggs the well known Blue Grass/Country musician, are two of my dearest friends, and brothers in the Lord.  They both are great pals as photo buddies, (yes Ricky Skaggs, the same one you’re thinking about), is an accomplished photographer!  Of Course if you’ve been to Nick’s website and blog, (, you know how good he is!!  As much as I appreciate that, it is their friendship that goes so much deeper.


We ran over to Rotiers for a burger yesterday, wow, they were even better than I remembered, just might hit that place on the way out of town today!!!!  Anyway back to my guys!  Nick brought something up at lunch yesterday that really hit home for me, the need for other men, men of
God to be accountable to in our lives.  It is critical, as Nick said, to have some very close associates that we are accountable to, people that will, lovingly, help us stay on the path.  Jim Begley, my partner in His Light has certainly been that for me, and Ricky and Nick are too!


This walk with Him is hard, and our natural man will definitely lead us astray, our closest brothers will lovingly, but strongly, call us on our bad behavior, and encourage us.  I thank God for these kinds of brothers, that will help us because they love us, and because they are called to do so by Jesus Himself!


I really enjoyed the fellowship yesterday, and thankfully, my Nikon years coming to an end doesn’t mean these relationships with these great brothers has to.


Today’s Prayer.

Heavenly Father thank you for blessing me with such great brothers in my life.  Thank You that You love me enough that You provide real friends that will help me stay on the path that You’ve set me on. I thank you that every day I obey, and seek You, You bring such great blessings and others lives are effected in a great way.  May all he glory and honor, always be Yours!  In Christ’s name I pray.  Amen




the pilgrim


The photo:  Found in the Antique market in Seattle.  A reminder that we cannot store up treasure here that will last, all will perish, only what is stored up in Heaven will last for eternity.

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I can well remember when I was a high school football player and my biggest fear was messing up and being benched!  taken out of the game, not allowed to play, rep-leaced by someone else.,  Seems like a pretty silly fear now, but it sure was a real concern back then.  Thankfully serving God is not the same,He knows we will fail, and he lets us play on.  Most of the toughest memories we have are about things that seemed like tremendous failures in our past, but a closer examination will almost always reveal that it was a “teaching moment”!  None of us wants to be uncomfortable, but sometimes being uncomfortable is part of the lesson.


I truly want to serve Him, and I know sometimes I don’t do it very well, but I know He loves me, forgives me , and gives me another chance.  What more could we ask!?




the pilgrim

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Yesterday in church my pastier gave a history of Memorial Day.  It started shortly after the Civil War as Decoration Day when families remembered those lost in the Civil War.  He then went on to talk about calling the roll of believers and Paul’s remembering those close to Him.  The last thing that happened was a service where family members were allowed to come to the alter and light a candle for those that have passed on.  As we went down to light a candle a beautiful song played and pictures of church members that have gone to be with the Lord showed on our screens above the pulpit.  It was bitter sweet for me, as I’ve known many of those kind faces for over three decades, and a few died while I was traveling, and I didn’t even know they were gone!


That was upsetting for me, not for them, they are the lucky ones, at eternal rest with our Heavenly Father.  But their earthly lives are over and all that goes with it here on earth.  It made me think a lot about those that are passed from my life, and how much I owe them for the love and wisdom they bestowed on me.  It also made me realize that while I have no fear of death, I want to make the most of the time I have left here!  So, how to do that?


1.  Start every day asking Him how I can serve Him,, Honor Him, and share His love.


2.  Reminding myself,  everyday, that it is not what I take that matters on this earth, it’s what I leave.


3.  Conduct my self  with my family and friends so that they will know how much I love them, and how much He loves them.


4.  Enjoy the riches God has provided in this life!  (Family, friends, this wonderful earth to explore and photograph!)


To those ends, I love to run workshops, and be in-the-field with you guys, so here are the last two listings for 2013!




the pilgrim

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