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At least four times a day someone asks, “What Now?”   I can understand the curiosity.  Maybe people want to know what they will do when they retire, maybe they really wonder what I will do, though I find that hard to imagine, why would anyone care what I did?!   So, if you are the one person in the universe that really does want to know, here goes!  First,  life does not fundamentally change just because a person no longer has a 9-5 job, it doesn’t mean you loose your drive to do anything of value. In my case the drive is even greater, because what I want to do of value, I’ve been doing for most of my life. It’s really pretty simple, I hope that when I leave a place I will leave it better than I found it. Not because of what I can do, but because of what He can do through me.  The only way to help others make their lives better is love them with His love.


Then there is family and friends.  I’ve not always had as much time for them as I wanted to have.  If someone sends you a check every two weeks, they attach certain responsibilities to them, now my first concern can be my family.  No one, except someone who has traveled for a living, can know just how precious that time is going to be to me.


Photography is the next great joy in my life, and now I can pursue it with complete freedom.  I am proud to have worked for Nikon, but I am thrilled to be a free moral agent now.  I will enjoy reviewing gear and offering my humble opinion of it’s value to the photo community. It will be fun to evaluate lots and lots of toys, with no axe to grind!


Best of all is the relief from the pressure, reports, emails, requests to travel places you don’t really want to go, long hours in airports, on airplanes, waiting for client to show up, driving thousands of miles, sorting, and doing inventories of thousands of pieces of gear.  Will I miss that stuff?  Nope. Will I miss the people. sure, but I can still call them and run into them out in the real world, my new real world!


A blessed man,


the pilgrim



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I believe that it is not my job to judge the world, my Heavenly Father has that one covered.  I do sometimes hear things that grieve me, and make me wonder just how much further down the world can fall!   While driving in my car the other day listening to a morning talk show, I listened to a recording that if I had not heard with my own ears I would’t have believed it.  Even more shocking was that I have not heard this reported in any other place.  At a rally held at the Texas State Capital regarding a new abortion bill being considered by the state legislature two very diverse groups were outside the capital.  Christian supporters of the Pro Life side of the debate were singing Amazing Grace, while Pro Choice groups were shouting “Hail Satan” and “Mary should of had an abortion.”  Yes you read that right, I heard it in the You Tube video link below. 


I understand people having differing opinions on this issue.  What is frightening to me is that our society has finally taken of their gloves, and is showing the true venom in their hearts.  I fear for my country when that kind of unabashed hatred and vitriol can be on such display.  I do not wish to go to war with any groups that I do not agree with, but the time has come to speak up and stand our ground, the opposition certainly has made it’s choice!  Our media needs to decide where they stand, not reporting this kind of outbursts is a failure to keep the public informed.

Maybe they have already shown us where they stand……


Pray for America,


the pilgrim




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For a long time I have not been able to talk about some of my favorite products.  When you work for any company in the photography industry, they do not desire for you to openly talk about or endorse any products from other companies.  Retired, I’m no longer so restricted, and I’m glad because a number of great companies have provided us with products that I have both bought and used for years.  I’m glad to be able to openly share about them now!


My dear brother Bob Singh at Singh Ray  has been producing some of the very finest filters for years and years.  His handmade, polarizers, split Neutral Density, Variable Neutral Density and many other specialty filters are among the highest quality available anywhere.  His polarizers are among the most neutral and his warming polarizers a re the perfect touch for those that like a little extra kick up warmth.  His Light is proud to be sponsored by Singh Ray.   Check them out at:







When it comes to camera bags no single manufacturer makes everything I need,but three make everything I’ve needed so far!!!!   Think Tank, Lowepro, and Domke each make wonderful products and each maker has some special products that are , in my opinion the best int he market place!  First Think Tank makes the most rugged, serviceable bags, rolling bags, and belt systems out there today!  I use the modular belt system, the small backpack (Street Walker), the Airport Security 2.0 rolling bag, and they have served me very well indeed.  they also make a tonk of great smaller products like battery holders, card wallets, and on and on.    Lowepro is one of the most inovative of the camera bag companies offering a lot of wonderful bags, and packs that are lighter, and very well engineered!  I love the Flip Side Sport packs that are perfect for smaller mirror-less systems as well as the larger  sizes for DSLRs.  Domke is the classic bag company that has offered the tried and true photojournalists shoulder bags trusted by globe trotting shooter for generations!  I use them less than when I was younger as a fully loaded shoulder bag can get up close to 20 pounds or more, but it is a great, easy to work out of system and perfect for those that prefer a shoulder bag!  Why three favorites?, because they all are great and deserve a big shout out from me, they’ve been great friends, shooting side by side with me for many nears! 



    Ever since I met Martin Wood some years ago, I’ve been a Delkin fan!  I have used their cards for yearts and have never had a failure!  How many other shooters can say that           about their cards???!!!   Delkin also makes a number of other photographic products that I’ve relied on for some years, including; Replacement batteries, camera mounts, cleaning   supplies and archival CDs and DVDs.   You can view their products at:


                      I have used and loved support products from these two great companies for many years.  I first got started with the late Mike Kirk when John Shaw and Larry west introduced us many years ago, and continued my friendship with Jeff Kirk, Mike’s son and now President of Kirk Enterprises.    Later I met Bryan Geyer who eventually sold Really Right Stuff to Joe and Joan Johnson, great folks!  Both of these firms make wonderful products for photographers and as is often the case, even though they make many products that serve the same purpose, they also have certain areas of expertise and that’s why I use and recommend both lines.  I can say without qualification that the Really Right Stuff ball heads are the best I’ve ever used, period!  I own all three models for different uses (BH-55 LR, BH-40 LR and the BH-30 LR).  I also love their L Brackets and tripods.  Kirk makes some very unique Items I can’t work without, including:  The Action Grip, Low Pod, Kirk support grips, the OmniPod, the Super Grip Handle, and the King Cobra articulated swivel head!  Two great companies run by super people.  they may be fierce competitors but they have both won my undying respect and business!                                     


Jim and I both use and really love the NIK Software and the TOPAZ Software, each        has unique properties and we enjoy using both!  As I always say a day without Nik’s      Color EFEX 4.0 -= Glamour Glow is a wasted day!!!!       



Land’s End is the official team wear provider for His Light Workshops.


Other products I love and can’t work without!


Though not sponsors of His Light Workshops, I really like my lighter weight tripods from Induro and Vanguard.  

I own and like Hoodman magnifiers.  Wow, that felt good, I’ve wanted thank these great folks for a long time, so now I’ve had the chance!


Friends in the industry have been such an important part of my career, I can’t tell you how many times one phone call has pulled me out of real jam,, it’s that kind of industry,  filled with people just like you, and I that love photography and photographers!




the pilgrim




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In the coming months we have some great Workshops, and very few spots left, this is your last chance to join the fun!!!


FIRST:  Nashville Americana Workshop with the Legendary Ricky Skaggs!   July 24-28  Only Four Spots left.  Photograph at the Reyman Theatre as Rick and his band Kentucky Thunder put on a one night show, during Nashville Bluegrass Festival.  Photograph priceless guitars in a studio setting, antiques at the American Picker’s Antique Archaeology Store.  Visit the Americana playground at Murfreesboro!  Lots of great shooting opportunities and lunch at two great burger spots in legendary Nashville!



SECOND:  Join Dr. Charles Stanley, Bill, Jim, Snake and Chuck for our last blockbuster nature workshop of the year!  Glacier National Park in Prime Fall foliage!  September 14-22  Only 2 spot remain open for this once in a lifetime chance to shoot and study with Charles and the team in one of America’s most spectacular national parks.  Snow capped mountain, rushing streams, and waterfalls, Grizzly bears, and beautiful fall color!  Limited to twenty students this workshop is almost full!  Don’t miss this trip!



THIRD:  Learn light painting from the master, Dave Black, in Historic Shaker Village, Kentucky!   October 24-27 This workshop is strictly limited to 12 attendees and we have only 3 spots left.  Dave will teach light painting and much more, from his vast bag of tricks, tips, and techniques! Great fellowship in a beautiful place in Kentucky at prime fall color time!  If you’ve never experienced a worksop with Dave you’re in for a treat!


LASTLY:  I’m doing two additional trips with Jack Graham, (link below), Amish Country October  10-134 in Northern Ohio and Death Valley, November 8-12.  Jack is one of the most talented shooter, and instructors I know, a dear friend, and brother and I’m honored to join him in these two great workshops!  Please contact Jack at the link below, I think both are getting filled fast!




the pilgrim