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Dateline, Boston, O:Dark Thirty……. Dramatic enough? Actually just another city with a big airport. Last night I went to the annual camera club judging for picture of the year in Boston.
The competition was the 300 best images of the year in various categories. The method of judging was unique. A guest judge looked at all 300 images and then on a second showing said “in” or “out” for each image. That removed half of the images. It took about 10 additional showings with more ins and outs, to get down to the winning image.

What I found interesting is that the images ran all the way from pretty poor to absolutely incredible. There were easily a dozen images that could have won and would have deserved it.
As a photographer of forty years of experience, I’ve come to like certain things and not care for others. That doesn’t mean much except I know what I like, and what I don’t like. My wife used to say that if I were a burglar I would arrested on my first break, in sitting in someone’s bedroom floor looking at their shoe box of prints. I love to see other people’s work, it opens my eyes to a new way of seeing the world, often a way I don’t see the world now. This is a good thing. Learning how to adjust your vision is critical to being a good photographer.

Learning how to adjust your vision is also critical to being a better person. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing you already have most of this life figured out. I could easily say, “hey I’m sixty four years old, I know how I feel about things.” It’s not that easy though. God is showing me, everyday, how much I have to learn and how much my attitudes and prejudices need to be adjusted. Growth is when we learn, and then change. I closer walk with the Lord will result in growth. If you had no room for growth, you would be perfect. Fat chance of that, with me.

Romans 5:11 (New Living Translation)
11 So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God.
I would rather have a “relationship” with God, than be perfect. If I have a relationship with Him then He will call me a friend. What more could I want than that!

the pilgrim

*Photo note: View from my hotel room early this morning, D700, 35-70 AF D f 2.8.

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It was just about this time one year ago that the Pilgrim’s Chronicles came to life. I was at the Reno Pylon Racing School with Scott Diussa and Bill Pekala and I was reading Scott Diussa’s great blog, . I mentioned that I thought it was great and I sure could love to do a blog, but didn’t even know what a blog was! Well, a year later you may think I never did find out…. Scott was kind enough to show me some of the ropes and it has been a lot of fun and one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I never dreamed that it would be an almost everyday affair.
Soon after I started the blog I felt a real calling to share my faith. Thankfully a number of you have come along for the ride, and many have shared that what God has to share, here, has been a blessing or, at least, thought provoking. It has been for me too.

At some point we all must decide how we will try to use our lives to benefit others. Honestly, I never dreamed that this would be one of the major things God would have me to do. Through out my life I’ve come up with lot of grand plans. After a little while I realize that simply waiting on Him makes a lot more sense. Before the blog blew up a little more than month ago, we’d had over 50,000
hits. Since we started back we are back up to 2,600. Numbers don’t mean a thing, people’s lives do. Jesus didn’t give his life so I could get hits on a blog. No, He gave His life so that we could
all have the life He intended for us to have.

Thanks for the past year, I pray that the coming year will be a time for us to all grow, learn, be inspired as we draw closer to Him.

From Boston,

the pilgrim

P.S. Scott is spending five weeks in South Africa for the major Soccer tournament in June and July.
Pray for his safety and success while he’s away from his family.

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend, preferably with family! After the better part of a week in Boulder I got home late Saturday night and enjoyed Sunday and Monday with family. We spent Monday on the lake and I couldn’t resist the shot above.

I spent a good part of the week sharing with friends about photography, and faith, with a few. Every time I reach out in faith to others, the enemy threatens me with the same old warning, “you will get in trouble for sharing your faith….”

The answer to those attacks lies in this scripture:

2 Timothy 1:7 New King James Version

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.

Many people are seeking the answers to some of life’s most vexing problems. All the answers are in Him. If we do not reach and out and love others with Christ’s love, we will never reach those that need Him. Obviously the enemy would like nothing more than to mute us because of fear of the reaction of others.

If we reach out in love, we will seldom ever raise the ire of those that would come against us. If we try to serve God by raining down judgement, that is when it gets rough. Remember, Judgement is God’s job, not ours. We are to deliver love, compassion, and help. Leave the judging to God.

Use this week to show other that your really care, then they will want to know why!

the pilgrim

Sherelene and my grandson Elijah. Fun at the lake……

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Well, I’d hoped to shoot something interesting to share with you in Boulder, but all I’ve seen in daylight hours are classrooms and airports. The classes have been terrific, I’m learning a lot
but have had no time to shoot. I pulled an image out of the files tonight because it’s really special to me. It was shot in Savannah last year at the wonderful workshop that Scott Kelby and I did together. What made it special was the tremendous group that came to share the time with us. We liked that group so much we are running a reunion event in October in Moab, Utah. This was a really special group of photographers and as I speak, with many of them signing up for this event, I’m reminded of how rich God has blessed me with special people like them. Wayne Bennett, Joanne Wells and Bill Durrence also helped teach and Ricky Skaggs also joined in on the fun.

I chose the image above because even though it is just some rusted steel doors, it bursts with rich color. God takes our lives, no matter how rusted and worn, and makes them burst with color and meaning. I shared with you that I had high hopes for who I might minister to, on this trip.

I found out today.

It was someone ministering to me! One of the speakers was Pulitzer Prize Winning writer and his presentation was one of the most touching and enduring I’ve seen in along time. I’m pretty sure his name was Jim Sheeler, but if I’m wrong I will correct it in the next blog. He asked permission of his paper to do something different in the Obituaries column. He started doing stories that delved deeper into the lives of those that had recently died. The depth and care of his stories were astounding. He is a real example of how we can take the job God has given us, and turn it into real service to others, and to God Himself. It was stark reminder of how much we could do if we only focused on the needs and cares of others. So I came a long way thinking God was going to use me, but instead I got a great lesson in how God uses others……… Well I was in class…..

the pilgrim