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Christmas Tree


Sherelene and I have been traveling this week on a little time off trip to Savannah and Amelia Island.  Jim Haverstock and Sue had planned a trip to Savannah to stay at the fabulous President’s Quarters Bed and Breakfast, but had to postpone when Sue became ill.   Recently when Jim learned I was going to drive down to see family and just get a way with Sherelene he graciously insisted we use his two night stay at the PQI.  He insisted that he knew that was his and had been Sue’s desire, so we accepted and had a wonderful time.  I had planned to shoot a lot of Christmas stuff in Savannah, but got caught up in the spirit of the city and we mostly napped and ate great southern food at the likes of  The Olde Pink House and 19Hundred70 restaurants.  What a great time, thank you again Jim!


I only made a few images in Savannah.





I’ve been in touch with Jim almost every single day throughout Sue’s illness and after she went to be with the Lord.  I also walked along with Sherelene,  Rhonda, Elijah and Abigail plus our entire family through a year of Wesely’s fight with T Cell Lymphoma.  In all of this there has been victories!  Wes is well and back to work and getting stronger everyday.  Jim is working through the grief and getting stronger everyday, and both Jim and Sue and Wesley have taught me life’s second most valuable lesson, be thankful for all you have right now!  Live life so you won’t have regrets, only the satisfaction of  a great love shared.


What is the first most important life lesson?  If you have given your life to God, He has it.  He will watch over you and do what is the very best thing  for you. You can safgel proclaim “God Has This”, no matter the trial!  Some people may doubt that, but I can tell you, I’ve seen that play out in the lives of those people I love the most!  Even Jim would tell you that God had it and has it. Out comes do not always look like what we think they should be.  Further consideration always proves God right, and gracious.


Lastly, I do a family calendar for Sherelene’s (and mine), the Scott family. I needed to photograph my granddaughter Cassidy the other day before leaving home.  She is in Medical Assistant School and I photographed her in her scrubs (which she loves)!


Photo note;  Shot with the X PRO 2 and the Fujifilm 50mm f 2 (Fujicron) at f 2, loved the outcome!  Cassidy as worked hard to get in shape and lost over 70 pounds in 2017!!!!


Cassidy small


I think you can see I’m hurdling toward a great Christmas!  Today Sherelene and I will get to spend time with Scott, Diane, Hannah, Tim, and Ben in St Augustine and Saturday with Ron and Diane, Terry and Brenda (Sherelene’s sisters and my brother-in-laws!)  Lots of fun to be had and love shared


I pray you are being surrounded by those you love this Christmas season!  Just so you know;  Jim will be with Sherelene and I in Corbin the beginning of Christmas Weekend.  We will celebrate Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward All Men!




the pilgrim



Top Image:  Christmas tree, palms and beach at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island, my Christmas gift to my bride!  70 degrees here trumps 30 degrees at home!!!!


Photo Note 2:  Top image  50mm f 2

Church spires  14mm f 2.8

Door with wreath  23mm f 2

Cassidy  50mm f 2

All images, Graphite X PRO 2