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FIRST:  Fujifilm has relased the new X-H1. I don’t have one on order, not sure if I will later, either.  I want to share some thoughts, and I will not be doing a review since I’ve only held one for a few hours, and then had to return it. There are a ton of video reviews on Youtube and lots of very useful information in them.  Instead I would like to answer, as best I can, the questions I asked myself and I bet many of you have asked yourselves as well;  “Do I need to buy this camera body?  Does it replace my X-T1 or 2 or X PRO 2???”


Let’s start by thanking Fujifilm for continuing to grow the X Sereis line and bringing us ever newer technology and products.  The recently released X-E3 seems to be loved by those that have bought it, it’s nice and compact and fully capable of making the same great images we have been making with the X-T2 and PRO 2.  Great to have choices!


Why the X-H1?  Several reasons.  Fujifilm has been criticized for not adding IBIS to any of their bodies, and their competitors are all jumping on that bandwagon, and beating their drums loudly!  To stay competitive Fujifilm had to follow suit, and they have!  The 5 Axis IBIS in the X-H1 works incrediby well, and if you shoot available light with any of the Fujifilm lenses that do not already have Optical Image Stabilization, then this will certianly make those lenses better for shooting in low light or with slower shutter speeds!  Next Fujifilm was still a little behind the ball on video.  If you’re a video producer, you now have a Fujifilm camera capable of shooting with any of the competition, it is a terriffic video capable camera!


Fujifilm wants to play in the sports and photojournalism arenas and this camera is rugged enough and has all the right features to play in that field.  It’s quieter than almost anyone’s camera and the shutter release reaches a new standard of softness and precision, all good things!


So to answer the original question; if you need these features or want these features, I would add it to my stable of camera bodies, if you don’t then I think you could live without it!  For now I can live without it.  Anyway Jack is getting one and I can figure out how much I do or don’t want one by watching him use his!



I juat got back this past weekend from one of the very best conferences out there, the Southwestern Photojournalism Conference.  It’s a gathering of fellow photographers from many fields but all closely tied to photojournalism who all believe that photography is a calling and we can spread God’s love through our profession!  You won’t meet a nicer group of people, and the men and women who run it are great freinds who I have known for many years, it will be back in Nashville next year and I hope you will consider coming!  I will alert you to the dates here!



I just took my drone flying to the next level!!!  I picked up DJI’s Googles for flying the drone as if you were actually “in the” drone.  It is just like going back to my ultralight flying days except I’m not risking my life!!!!  it is a great way to get the sensation of flying while sitting in a camp chair, safelty on the ground!!!!!



Please let me encourage you to pray for our country and our leaders, we are at an all time high of animus and bitterness in Washington, and it’s we the people that suffer when our leaders are more intersted in gaining power than serving the American people, please pray for revival among our leaders!  Only God can heal our land!


In a text today from Ricky Skaggs, he said it best, on the loss of Billy Graham;

“He’s not dead, his address just changed!”




the pilgrim