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In the past few months I’ve had emails and  calls, from friends and readers, asking why I have not written about the X-H1!?  Do I have one? what do I think about it?  Should I buy one?


The answer is multi layered.  I do not have one.  What do I think about it?  That’s coming.    Should I buy one?  That’s coming too.


Why don’t I have one?  When it was first shown to me, before it was announced by a trusted Fujifilm executive, I had mixed feelings, it was bigger than I like, it was missing the all important, (to me), exposure compensation dial. It had a big information LCD on the top panel instead, which I find little value in. So I was in no rush to get one.  Then Fujifilm loaned Jack one for his trip to Japan in Winter.  Jack is a fantastic shooter and a no nonsense guy about gear, if it helps him make better images he’s in, if it doesn’t ….. he has no interest!  His shots from Japan, especially the stuff in low light that had to be shot hand held, were great, actually stunning!!


Then when we went down Route 66 and he got another one loaned to him and we had a chance to really wring it out.  After a week of using it and seeing the results, I have some different opinions.  It is still larger than I would like, but not by much. The grip is the best yet on a Fuji body and it feels great in your (my) hands.  I don’t shoot video so the big improvements in that area are not important to me, but the 5 way IBIS (in body image stabiliztion) is very important to me.  I had the 16-55 f 2.8 lens and sold it becasue as sharp as it was, it did not have image stabilization.  I own all the single focal length fast glass and none of them have it either, except for the 100mm Macro, which I don’t own.  To be able to shoot in low light with those gloriously sharp single focal length lenses and get tack sharp results is a major deal for me.  So I am attempting  to get one.


I know what you are thinking, I’m an X-Photographer why can’t you just buy one?  To answer that, I need to brag on Fujifilm.  A lot of people don’t really know what being an X-Photographer means.  Fujifilm identifies people whose work they admire and they offer those people the opportunity to be an X-Photographer.  It is not a paid position, they do not ask you or require you, to only say positive things about fujifilm gear and services, in fact they want you to be honest and they truly listen and make improvements, by firmware and new products from the feedback they get from us.  That is the only reason I said yes when asked to be one!!!


The only perks are; 1. You get some inside infomation about new products and often get to test them before they are announced.   2.  From time to time you are invited to speak at events for dealers that sell Fujifilm gear, and they pay you for those speaking engagements.  3.  They have several buying programs where you can purchase gear, when product is available, at a discount over retail pricing, which makes it a little easier to acquire gear.  They list you and show your work on their Pro X-Photographers website.  That’s it.  They do not give you free gear!!!!  I was givens  couple of items for testing them and supplying images that Fujiflm used in brochures and advertisements.


Should you buy one?  That depends on how much you need the improvements in this camera over the X-T2/X Pro2.  For me it is all about sharpness!  Here are a couple of amazing images made with the X-H1 at very low shutter speeds!


1/4 second @ f 16 Handheld.


1/8 second @ f22  –  ISO 100  Handheld


1/2 second @ f16  –  ISO 400  Handheld


1/4 second @ f11  –  ISO 800  Handheld  (This sold it alone!!!)


1/2 second @ f11 – ISO 400  Handheld


So G.A.S. wins again!




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