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When I got the X100V back in the winter I made the shot above and after close inspection realized this new lens on the fifth generation X100 was the sharpest 23mm I’ve ever shot for a Fujifilm camera, and that is saying a lot!  The current 23mm f 2 and the 23mm f 1.4 are both outstanding lenses, but this one exceeds them both!  The color quality and contrast are a perfect combination!


An added feature is the ability to zoom with the software an make 35mm, 50mm and 70mm euiv. shots with very little loss in quality, certainly good enough for LCD Projectors and social media use!



The X100V also allows the use of accessory lenses and the wide angle conversion lens for the older X70 fits and works great on the X100V,  allowing going from a 35mm equivlent focal length to a 26mm wide angle, pretty handy with no loss in quality!



Lastly, the X100V focuses very close which I also love as I have a tendency to shoot close-ups when covering a subject!



So to say I’m loving this camera is an understatement!  The perfect, take anywhere, all the time camera!




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