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My daughter. Catherine, dropped by today because I had found an old slide I knew she would love to see!   B.J. (Thomas) was doing  live show near us and I went down to say hi again, after the performance he came to our pick nick table and we visited.  I aksed if Catherine could give him a hug, she had a great crush on him, he said sure, I think it is obvious they both enjoyied  it!



On a visit to National Geographic, I took Catherine along and she was a big hit, espcially with the late, great Pete Petrone, the equipment mnager of N.G. While sititng in his office he asked her if she ever shot pictures and she said she didn’t have a cmaera.  He opened a big lower desk drawer and pulled out a new, in the box camera and said, “Now you do!”  I said, Pete you don’t have to that, and he said to me, “mind your own business, this is between she and I!”  What a generous, great guy he was!



One of my favorite photographs of her was actually shot by Sherelene.  We were at a fair at Cumberland Gap N. H. P. and Catherine was getting a face painitng, Sherelene shot a wonderful image of her!



On another occasion we all met with Ned and his wife Tinker at a Penny Riley State Park in Eastern Kentucly near where Ned was filming a movie. Catherine in blue jumper was waving!



When Catherine was older I took her on a number of workshop trips, here we are at Grandfather Mountain with Gerrie the bear!



This is one of my favorite images of us together, we were in Arches N.P. at a workshop.A friend shot this for us!


From little Rodeo Gal, (her favorite top), to driving a jeep in Arches, Catherine has been a delight in my life.  When Sherelene was expectng our third child she kept saying it was going to be a girl, and she was right against all odds, Catherine was the first girl born in our family in 21 years and only one of a few against dozens of boys, she has been a miracle in so many ways,  I love you sweetheart!




I’ve been blessed,


the pilgrim