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We got our first real snow last night, about 3 or 4 inches, and I had to get out and try to find a shot or two in this Covid Deprived state we are all in!!!!  Since this isn’t Colorado I had less to choose from, but found a few things I liked.  I loved the big tree in a  field with snow on the branches and as I teach my students once you shoot the first image you saw, move in and see if the details can work!  Below is my attempt!




Snow bent branches.



Over this winter I have a new bag set-up for grab and go!  Remember the camera you have with you is better than the one that is at home.  Grabing this little system I can cover everything from 24mm to 300mm equivilent in just four lenses and the great little X-S10, which I’m loving more everyday!  Thanks to Stacey Moore I was able to get the Domke Fujifilm edition F-803 which is perfect for this set-up!  Thanks Stacey!




Hope you are warm and dry and looking forward to spring and getting back out there in-the-field!




the pilgrim


Tech Specs:


All three snow shots; Fujifilm X-S10 and  (top) 50mm f 2 &  (other two) 55-200

Bag and equimpment shot;  iPhone 12 Pro Max