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I hope you are enjoying a great summer with family and friends!  It has been pretty hot and muggy in Kentucky, so photography has been on the back burner for a couple of months!  Sherelene had a medical conference in Hilton Head Island, SC and we spent a week down there and I never took my camera out of the bag, again, too hot to deal with it!  I did fly my drone over some of the salt marshes and got the shot above!  I also had a few 5 pickle burgers at Wayback Burgers in Spartanburg and on the Island!  If you haven’t tried a Wayback Burger you’ve got to give it a try, really a great cheeseburger!



Please keep checking my blog for a very exciting announcement that is coming soon!!!!!  Jack and I have a incredible event to announce very soon, it is going to be something extra, extra special!  Can’t wait to share the news with all of you!!!!


For now, here are some oldies to share with you!



Really looking forward to getting back out there this fall and shooting with some of you guys!!!!






the pilgrim

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First Happy Independence Day tomorrow!  Now why that title!?  When I was younger, much younger, I did “need” for people to like me, actually I wanted more     than that, I wanted not to just be liked, but admired!  As I said, I was younger, less mature, and may I dare say less wise. Age brings us a lot, much of wish I would like to skip, but maturity and wisdom are two things I treasure.  Wisdom is when we come to understand the deeper meanings of  life and appreciate them more.


When we are growing up, we have a natural need to be somebody, somebody special, we want to fit in, and we want to be appreciated for our talents and skills.  One of my favorite sayings when I was young was the only thing that scared me to death was being average!  Of course, that was not true, lots of things scared me, but it as a clever way to state that I wanted to be more than average.  At least I thought it was clever at the time.


O.K. so you still haven’t explained the title of the blog entry!?  I’m getting to it. I promise.  As a fully grown adult, senior citizen, seasoned citizen, I have come to realize that what anyone thinks of me as long as it doesn’t hurt my witness for Christ, is pretty much irrelvent. Confidence comes from knowing who we are, ourselves, not what others say about us.  After all anyone can say anything they wish about us, it may or may not be true, but it is their opinion and they have every right to hold it.  Here is a great experiment everyone should try;  How would you describe yourself?  See if you can answer that, in fact write it down and then ask yourself is that who I really am?  My  bet is you will write down who you really want to be.


Here’s mine:  I’m a Committed Christian, husband, father, grandfather and, (I hope), as good a friend to my friends as they have been to me. I’ve made living as a photographer, writer and teacher/presenter. I’ve enjoyed a satisfying measure of success, in all those roles. I could always do better and strive, every day,  to do so!


Now you try it!  If you are honest with yourself, you will have a good measure of how your life has gone, so far.  You can always change the trajectory of your life anytime you choose to.  First you must  have a “Mission Statement”  what you believe in and stand for.  Mine is simple, I thank God everyday for His forgiving my sins  and blessing me with a great family, and friends.  I try to do my best to never let them down and to live a  life marked by integrity, character,  honor, sacrifice and forgiveness.  I’m a work in progress, but with God’s help I will make it!


Now it’s your turn…………..


If you can come to grips with who you are and then spend your life trying to live up to your mission statement you are enjoying the greatest freedom a person can ever realize, I pray that for you!  Happy Independence Day!






the pilgrim



Postscript:  Of course I hope people like me, but I don’t live for that, and I know God loves me and that is enough! I just hope I never live in such a way that encourages other to think less of me!