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I love shooting close to my subjects, I’m thrilled by the small details of my subjects, I’m also thrilled when I have a Close Encounter with the gear.  Recent I’ve blogged about the new X-T5, but I thought in this blog entry I might change it up and show you and myself that some of the first generation X Series cameras.  The image above was made with my first Fujifilm love, the mighty X10!


You may be shocked at the other images, each will denote which “early” Fujifilm camera was used for the shot.



Fujifilm X-T1 55-200 and Nik on 4T Diopter. The Shocker: @ ISO 6400!!!



Fujifilm X-T1 – 60mm Macro lens



Fujifilm X-T1 – 18-135 zoom



Fujifilm X-10



Fujifilm X-T1 – 50-140mm zoom



Fujifilm X10



Fujifilm X-T1 – 18-135 zoom



Fujifilm X-E1  – 60mm Macro



So I imagine you are as surprised as I was, the Oldies often are truly Goodies!




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After a few days with the X-T5 I’m really starting to love it, especially the detail in it’s files!  Above is a shot of one of my favorite back alley signs in my hometown.  The brick and old paint sign have great texture and color.

Below is that same file blown up to 24×36 and then cropped, it still held up very well indeed!



Wow, pretty spectacular!  


The next image is of my old Shure 555H microphone, I keep on my desk, it is my target for determining acutance or smoothness of tones in a file.  Below are the straight shot and then a crop of the resulting 24×36 enlargement of the same file!




The smoothness of the tones is striking.  This is the same look you get from the GFX high megapixel files, but from a small manageable body!!! 


Lastly two-color shots I love for their detail and richness of the files colors.




Bottom Line, I can’t wait for spring!!!!!!





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I want to make a Christmas suggestion;  you should buy this book!  If you love photography and desire to really learn to see the world in a new way, this is my recommendation!  You can learn more at  But there is more to the story so,  stick with me, please!


Many years ago I was teaching a class at Sant Fe Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I was walking down a hallway of their classroom building when I walked behind a young man sitting at a table looking at images on his laptop. The image on the screen stopped me dead in my tracks.  I ask the student if the image was his,  he turned and said, “Yes, would you mind giving me a critique of my work?” I said, “If the rest of  your work is anything like as good as that shot, I would love to!”  Thus started a nearly twenty year friendship with one of the finest photographers I’ve ever known.  Mark Alberhasky was a pathologist in Bowling Green, Kentucky just a stones throw, or two, from where I live in Kentucky.  We went on to become very good friends and I’ve had the great pleasure of following his subsequent career, and what a career it has been.


Mark and I enjoying his book together!


Let me stop here for a moment and share the Forward I wrote for Mark’s wonderful book, I think it will tell you a lot of what you need to know about him!




Count your blessings! Everyone should, and often. When I count mine, among the greatest is the incredible wealth of photographers that have passed through my life. I’m not boasting, just blessed! Though many of them carry impressive reputations, none are more talented, insightful and effective than Mark Alberhasky. Vison is deeply rooted in the heart and mind and no one, that I have known, is more deeply melded to the art and craft than Mark. You could show me the exceptional work of dozens of great photographers and slip one of Mark’s images among them and I could pick his out……everytime! Mark’s work has a feel and texture that only comes from the clear vision ofwhat he wishes to reveal, and he reveals it superbly!

As stunning and beautiful as his images are, the man, is infinitely more beautiful. Mark has a spirit that you are immediately drawn to, the depth of his caring heart is on full display. We all walk this tumultuous path we call life and Mark’s has not been without it’s challenges, but he has more than survived, he has thrived by giving back more than he has received. Your holding one of his greatest gifts in your hands, read it, and absorb the beauty and thoughtfulness of his images and you too, will be Touched By The Light!


Bill Fortney


I hope that has peaked your interest and that you will go to to learn more about Mark, see his wonderful work and maybe take a class or just shoot him a note telling him how impressed you are, and trust me, you will be!


Below are few select pages from his wonderful book which is insightful, warm, instructive and a beautiful story of a man and his amazing work!  If you take the time to experience Mark Alberhasky for yourself, you will have received a special Christmas gift from me!






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One of the things I’m loving about the X-T5 is the richness of the color!  I think the added resolution has a lot to do with the color depth!  Enjoy!



I love to dabble in the the close-up realm and couldn’t resist  the color!




the pilgrim


The last shot probably raises a question?  Yes that’s “the” Roger Staubach, I interviewed him way back when he was the QB for the Dallas Cowboys, he was a great guy!  I will always treasure this ball he signed for me, after he threw me a pass!