Further thoughts on the new X-T5

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After a few days with the X-T5 I’m really starting to love it, especially the detail in it’s files!  Above is a shot of one of my favorite back alley signs in my hometown.  The brick and old paint sign have great texture and color.

Below is that same file blown up to 24×36 and then cropped, it still held up very well indeed!



Wow, pretty spectacular!  


The next image is of my old Shure 555H microphone, I keep on my desk, it is my target for determining acutance or smoothness of tones in a file.  Below are the straight shot and then a crop of the resulting 24×36 enlargement of the same file!




The smoothness of the tones is striking.  This is the same look you get from the GFX high megapixel files, but from a small manageable body!!! 


Lastly two-color shots I love for their detail and richness of the files colors.




Bottom Line, I can’t wait for spring!!!!!!





the pilgrim




6 Responses

  1. Ken Lutes says:

    The details look great. Glad it is working out for you. Have a great Christmas Bill.

  2. Bill+Fortney says:

    Same to you Ken, it’s been too long, miss seeing you!

    • Ken lutes says:

      Yeah Hate to admit it but I strayed away from Fuji for a couple of years. But I missed Fuji so much. I am currently back into it. And planning on staying for good this time.

  3. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Bill I am interested to get your thoughts as you dive deeper into into the X-T5 about which lenses are actually strained to support the 40mp. I know you had a first blush thoughts…just anxious to hear what you think as you go deeper into your experiments. Body plus the lens defines the system for me. Looks like Fuji awesome is up a notch again.

  4. Bill+Fortney says:

    So far I have not found any of the Fujifilm lenses that don’t out perform results from the 26 mega pixel sensors. I think there list is a good starting point, but I have not seen any red flags so far and I have almost all of the current lenses except the; 18mm f 1.4, 23mm f 1.4 wr, 33mm f 1.4 wr, 8-16 zoom, and the 200mm f2.

  5. Rodney Mcknight says:

    The crop of the microphone really gets my attention. Merry Christmas Bill! Thanks for all you share…both photography and faith!