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Canon has announced that they will have two new camera models released by June, the 5Ds and 5Dr  both 50 mega pixel full frame censored cameras!  Equally shocking the price,  The 5DS is $3,699 and the 5DR is $3,899.  The difference?  The R model has the low pass filter cancelled for more sharpness.  * I bet Nikon has something similar waiting in the wings,  (No I do not know anything, I have no inside information, but this is how the industry works!)


Here’s a list of the specs (from Canon) * Thanks to Scott Kelby for this info.:


> Newly designed 50.6 Megapixel full-frame CMOS helps deliver ultra-high resolution images for large-scale printing and extensive, creative cropping, while Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors enable spectacular image quality and processing speed.


> EOS Scene Detection System features a 150,000-pixel RGB+IR Metering Sensor for excellent precision.


> 61-Point High Density Reticular AF including up to 41 cross-type AF points and EOS iTR allows for high precision autofocus.


> Advanced mirror control mechanism and new user-selectable shutter release time lag helps suppress camera vibration for reducing image shake.


> Anti-flicker helps compensate for flickering light sources and provides consistent exposure and color during continuous shooting.


> Built-in intervalometer and bulb timer helps deliver expanded creativity.


> 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting adds superb flexibility, while still delivering high resolution images required for demanding applications.


> Intelligent Viewfinder II with approximately 100% viewfinder coverage.


> Full HD 30p movie capability and Time Lapse Movie function, which takes still photographs at set intervals and combines them into a Full HD movie file.


> High-speed continuous shooting up to 5.0 fps allows you to capture fast action.


> 3.2-inch ClearView II LCD monitor, 170° viewing angle, 1,040,000-dot VGA, reflection resistance with multi coating and high-transparency materials for bright and clear viewing.


> Customizable Quick Control Screen allows you to quickly change frequently used camera settings and functions.


> Support for USB 3.0.



So here is my take.  Who needs 50 mega pixels, or 36 mega pixels, the former reigning champ before today?  I  know what you think I’m going to say! Nobody, actually no, that is not true.  I personally t think that the number of photographers that actually “need” this kind of resolution is minuscule, but some folks can take full advantage of it.  Commercial, landscape, and product photographers that are going print print extremely large, say 12 X 18 feet, and larger can certainly take advantage of that kind of resolution.  I imagine that it will mostly be bought by people that want to shoot something and then look at it at 400% and then feel the rush!!!  I have high regard for Canon  gear, I had to compete with them when I was  at Nikon and I’m sure they took the time to get this right!


I think the industry is furthered by these exercises in stretching the limits.  Research brings progress and progress brings us better cameras.  Is this new 5DS or 5DR good for someone that really doesn’t need that kind of resolution?  No.  It is going to tax your computer to the max, requiring massive storage, (if you shoot very much), and if you think getting sharp result from a D810 is tough, wait till you try to eliminate camera movement with this bad boy!  It will be even harder to tame.  I can’t imagine and holding it at less than 1/2,000 of a second.  I could be wrong, but my experience with the Nikon D800 series says this is going to bring a whole new lesson on discipline to it’s new owners.


Am I even in the least tempted?  Not one bit.  But then the new D810 which I know to be a wonderful camera didn’t tempt me either.


For me, at my age, and shooting what I shoot, the Fuji X-T1 at 16 megapixel is a high mega pixel camera.  Some the best images I made in my life were made with a D3 or D700, (same sensor), clocking in at 12 mega pixels!


Rod Planck said it best, “Technique beats equipment, every time!”


But then, if you get one, let me know what  you think!!!!




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  1. Peter Gilbert says:

    No doubt Sony will counter that pretty quick, with 51 MP or so

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    The flood gates are opening!

  3. John L says:

    Personally, I think this is playing to their base for Canon shooters. I really don’t see the need for that many MP today. Also, I will need a business grade server to process the files that come out of the 5Ds. I second your motion. No thanks!

  4. Rick Browne says:

    As you well know, there are a lot of gearheads our there, Bill. Just about all of us suffer from it to some degree. Like you, I’ve salivated over every new lens that Fuji releases. And because I haven’t abandoned my Canon equipment altogether, I’ve had to deal with buying anxiety for their new gear also! It’s been a major source of discussion and discomfort on Canon forums that Nikon has had the D800 and D810 without Canon having anything close in terms of megapixels. As you point out, whether any of the people discussing this topic endlessly could really utilize or benefit from such huge megapixel camera is an open question. But if they’ve got the money and the desire, more power to them. The main thing the new Canon cameras will serve to do is make the Canon loyalists feel more contended – and it’ll have some in the Nikon crowd agitating for even higher pixel counts! All that effort could be expended in trying to improve their ability to make great photos, but I suspect it won’t be; instead they’ll continue taking mundane photos – but now with more pixels!

  5. The “megapickel” race is probably a distraction but I think more relevant perhaps is Canon’s decision to unveil the M3 and then not market it in the U.S. Ostensibly this means Canon is getting serious about mirrorless — or is it? There still isn’t a lens offering to speak of. Maybe Canon USA is waiting for Tokyo’s next step or Tokyo wants to appeal first to the Hello, Kitty set in Asia that loves the small cute cameras (ala the original Nikon 1 series). The M3 specs seem respectable but it’s still unclear whether Canon is taking this seriously.

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