2021/22 Schedule of Events

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More details to come, Same drill for His Light Workshops and Tours contact me, billfortney@earthlink.net for my workshops with Jack Graham and the Fuji Workshops, contact Jackgrahamphoto.com.  Some events are in the final stages but for today, this is all a go!!!!




the pilgrim

10 Responses

  1. Mike E says:

    choices, choices, choices…….

    thanks for the early planning ….

  2. Tom Roper says:

    Wow, looks like you’re going to be busy in 2017!

  3. Don DeLong says:

    I’m in for the Fuji “Tetons in the Fall” workshop. Looking forward to it.

  4. Cary Talbot says:

    Bill – Just a minor correction but it’s “Capitol Reef” not “Capital Reef” – a place I dearly love and visit regularly. The name refers to the dome shapes of some of the Navajo Sandstone formations in the park that resemble the domes on Capitol buildings. The nuance in spelling escapes many but “capital” refers to the location that is the head city for a state or country while the building itself is spelled “capitol”. Washington DC is the US Capital while the building where Congress meets is the US Capitol. Gotta love the English language.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Cary, english was not my strongest subject, but then if you frequent my blog you already knew that!!!

  5. Definitey looking forward to attending a “His Light Workshop”….it’s been 3 years in the planning, but my wife is onboard and I am so looking forward to the fellowship these outings offer! Thanks, Bill.

  6. Anna says:

    Really missing workshops. Have not touched my camera in 2 years. It’s really sad. 🙁